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  1. iTheme2 is not officially announced yet, but I found it on my dashboard and activated to Main blog few hours ago. Here are some points on which I would like to get attention of Theme-team:

    • As you can see, the author's name isn't showing properly below posts. It is showing like Posted by <a href="" title="Gaurav Tiwari's Website" rel="external">Gaurav Tiwari</a>
    • It's a flexible theme and it adjusts itself according to size of screen. I tried my weblog on Mobile. Content of my blog shrinked such a way that I wasn't readable and pictures were looking horrible. And also, the background of my blog, didn't shrink, as it does in Twenty Eleven or Quintus.
      I loved this theme because of Great layout, beautiful LaTeX rendering.
      PS. : I know WP.COM theme-wranglers are improving the theme.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Forgot to close code tag: Posted by <a href="" title="Gaurav Tiwari's Website" rel="external">Gaurav Tiwari</a>

  3. Sorry. It did Not work again.

    Posted by < a h r e f ="" title="Gaurav Tiwari's Website" r e l="external" >Gaurav Tiwari</ a >

  4. I came here to mention the same problem. Glad to see you've already done it. So far it's the only nit I've found to pick on this lovely new theme.

  5. Thanks for the report, we're working on a fix now.

  6. All should be fixed now.

    Thanks again for reporting this issue.

  7. Hello, I have added featured pictures to my posts, and the featured image bar is still not showing up at the top of the screen. Any suggestions as to how to get that to work?

  8. playlearninglife

    I can't make that work either, cblpoet...

  9. Maybe your featured images issue is linked to the featured images issues that other are having with Chateau, Inuit Types, Pilcrow, Mystique, and Structure. Those threads have all been "Modlook" tagged. Or maybe not. Theme Staff can let us know if that's the case or not.

  10. @cblpoet and @playlearninglife Please see timethief's solution on this thread:

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