Itheme2 theme menu, footer and featured image questions

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    3 questions
    I have the Itheme2 theme

    1) I am trying to figure out how to organize the menu on my page. How do I make more than one section such as social trenz, entertainment etc and be able to make multiple posts within each so it looks like a website. And then I would like the most recent posts featured on the main page.

    2) I would like to have a footer saying something like 2012 at the bottom

    3) How do I make the featured image bar that’s supposed to be a sticky post at the top? I tried sticky posting it with a featured image but then it makes the content on the main page go away how do I make it stay?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t know. I have disabled the theme so I can set a featured image. The theme version does not allow me to upload, I just get a spin. I’ll keep trying, but I noticed even when I switch themes to set the featured image, the image doesn’t show when I turn iTheme2 back on.

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