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    Hello guys, it is my first topic here.
    I need help to fix one strange bug

    I’ve always used this beautifull theme, some weeks ago this bug has appeared, my widgets started to show weird white bars on the titles, and not only in my PC.
    And this bug is only happening when ppl uses Chrome

    Already tried change the theme and rechange, remove all the Widgets and start from the beggining, but no success.
    Plz, somebody knows how to fix?

    PS.: I am pretty sure it is not Chrome’s Extensions
    PSS.: And sorry for my poor English

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot help you without being able to view the blog. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you are having issues with.

    Please also be sure you are running the latest stable version of Chrome, because every day here we experience bloggers who are running buggy BETA Chrome versions.



    OMG, I’m am so sorry
    I thought that the f√≥rum would put it automatically (I’ve selected during the post)

    Here is the link, it is in portuguese, but this doesn’t matter:



    Thanks for the link. Only Staff and the support bot can see the site you select when you create a thread. We Volunteers always have to ask for it. I’m using Fifrefox 11 and I can’t see any white bars so I’m sorry but you will have to wait until a member of the Theme Team gets to this thread.



    Thx for helping!


    Howdy g4met. I’m also using Chrome and I’m not able to see the bug to which you’re referring. Would you mind posting a few screenshots so we know what to look for? Cheers.



    This is from my monitor (Using Annymous mode, just to be sure it is not an extention problem)

    And this is from my friend

    Thx guys



    Hi g4met,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    This seems to happen only on Chrome in Windows. I filed a ticket for this issue and we will look into it soonest. We will keep you posted here.



    Thank you very much!!

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