It's MY domain, I should be able to use adsense

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    I purchased a domain, then purchased the expensive wordpress domain mapping. The sole reason I purchased my own domain was so I could begin using Adsense. Well come to find out after the entire blog was made and after all of this was done that I can’t use adsense with wordpress. Where do you get off telling me what I can or can’t post in my own domain? I am very displeased with wordpress. I requested a refund so fine, whatever. But now I have the headache of switching my blog to another (and much better site). WordPress has been nothing but a headache from the creation of the blog to this adsense issue. Your site is terrible. Going back to blogger and never looking back. They actually let people have FULL usage of the domains that THEY paid for.


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    Yes, you have paid for a domain name. And no, it was not expensive. The hosting is free!

    If you want to use WordPress, you can advertize yourself happy if you pay someone to host your site. That software is free!

    Did you realize that there are different kinds of WordPress?

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