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  1. So, come check out my blog if you like sci-fi, books, or literature. There are almost daily updates on topics such as how to write a novel, technology, sci-fi films, and anything that is generally cool and futuristic. I'd love to have feed back about what people like, what they'd like to see added, more of, or dropped. Plus, from time to time I'll post snippets of my sci-fi, noir detective novel that I'm hoping will get published once I complete revisions. So come by and see what's up!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I really liked your blog promotion. It did peak my interest and I did visit your blog. Blog on!

  3. Haha. Thanks for visiting. I hope you liked what you saw.

  4. You sound like me, I just want people to read what I write and maybe smile a little. I am not advertising just speaking. Check it out and I think I will check yours out from time to time. Also yes I do like scifi

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