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It's Possible!: Facebook SHARE and LIKE the same time!

  1. audacityshewrote

    Thank you SO much!! I've been trying to figure out how to do this since yesterday morning (been up 24hrs now) when my best friend told me I really needed to get with the program & put a Facebook "Like" button on my blog to make it easier for people! I'm so happy you posted this! Excellent info!!

  2. I have a problem...

    When i click "create share" the button does not appear

    Why does this happen? I'm doing something wrong? :s

  3. @jhdsp: Try one of the tips here:

    If you are still experiencing issues, please open a new topic (for the sake of organization). Thanks.

  4. wow!!!

  5. remembersrebrenicagenocide

    thx a bunch

  6. nice it's too useful! thanks buddy!

  7. thanks a lot, this worked great but i do have a small problem. i have created a FB like and share, Twitter and G+ button. However it seems that they are not in a complete line and that they are a bit crooked?

    Does anyone know why this has happened?

  8. It happened to me as well. I'm not quite sure why but will look into it. It never happened before.

  9. ok, let me know what u find out :) it looks a bit sloppy

  10. Thank you so much! Your knowledge is deeply appreciated!!!

  11. you're an angel! Halleluiah! Thanks for sharing!

  12. triciaannemitchell

    Greetings - thanks to all for the help thus far. I'm trying to add share buttons for various social networking sites (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) I went to Settings, Sharing, etc., but when I added the buttons they posted to my Static homepage ( and not my Blog page (

    How can I get the share buttons to post on my actual Blog page, and not my Static page?

    Many thanks for your help.

  13. @triciaannmitchell Make sure that you've selected to have them show on "posts, pages, and index pages." You can then disable them on any selected posts or pages if you don't want them there.

    That option is right at the bottom of the page near the save changes button.

  14. triciaannemitchell

    @mmadfan - Super! Thank you so very much! I spent more than an hour seeking out this fix, and your guidance allowed me to make the correction in a matter of seconds.

  15. You're welcome! Glad I could help!

  16. Hi there, I followed these instructions many months ago and it worked like a charm. But this week on my most recent post suddenly the like button no longer works. It's there but it can't be clicked on. Is any one else having this problem? Is it possible wordpress has disabled my ability to have both share & like buttons?

  17. Important update for everyone: due to a change in the way Sharing Services work, you need to make sure to set your Button Style is "Official Buttons" for this workaround to be succesful. Otherwise, you'll end up with two Facebook share buttons.

  18. i made a facebook line button by your mentioned guidelines, from last few days it was working fine now i have no idea what happen to it, it turn into a facebook share button on its own, please here...!

  19. @penyields: Did you read my message immediately above yours?

  20. Can you send the link to make that button an official one, i follow the exact guidelines, they work for me till 3 days then failed badly giving me 2 saring buttons i have no idea how to make it official now, please help

  21. I can't send you the link because I can't access your dashboard.

    Another user asked for more detailed instructions, I gave them and she was able to change the settings perfectly, so you can do it too.

  22. where is the right down button?? both of them are sharing buttons!

  23. @v2riders: Did you read the link immediately above your latest message for more detailed instructions??

  24. I can't seem to understand #10 instruction, what button of Facebook, and i clicked the right down arrow but nothings happening. i couldn't figure it out. thanks

  25. Reminder for everyone: due to a change in the way Sharing Services work, you need to make sure to set your Button Style to "Official Buttons" for this workaround to be succesful. Otherwise, you'll end up with two Facebook share buttons.

    The "right down arrow" is no longer there.

  26. Thank You. Simple two words, but there is lot more said behind them.

  27. Does anyone know of a way to add a share to Diaspora button?

  28. @thejakob: This (very very long) thread is about Facebook. For the sake of organization, please start a separate topic and we'll take it from there:

  29. How is this new functionality? Hasn't the "make your own" custom share buttons been around awhile or is there something specifically new that happened on Sept 4th that added additional functionality? I've had both FB buttons for over a month and don't see anything different in the way they function ( least I hope not!)

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