It's raining spam!

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    Hi WP

    In the last couple of days I have been inundated with hundreds of spam comments across lots of my posts. After my disappointment of realising I was not actually that popular I went about clicking the spam tab on each comment, I presume this was correct and that then flags up to you?

    Would this need investigating as I’m getting a rather sore finger clicking the spam button on each comment :-) is the blog in question

    Thanking you kindly.

    The blog I need help with is


    You’re doing the right thing! Comment spam is a plague, and Akismet blocks truckloads of it for us on a regular basis. But spammers try new tactics and it takes a little while for the system to catch on and catch up. Labelling these comments as spam helps the spam filters learn, and hopefully this onslaught will slow down soon. :)



    Hurrah! Many thanks, I finally made the first right decision in my whole life. ;-)


    HA. Well, practice makes perfect. ;)

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