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  1. Authorization Required "PPA-DEV1-DALLAS at" appears on my blog. I checked the comments, deleted the spam, tried changing the template. Resolution?

  2. That is DEFINITELY a back-end issue that the volunteers here can't help with, other than to say: Drop Support a Feedback from your dashboard and they should look at that right away. Good luck!

  3. Actually it isn't. A quick look at the outputed code shows that the poster is using the following graphic in a link:

    And that sits behind the login.

    Best bet would be to download the graphic to your desktop and upload it to your space here at

    Hope this helps,

  4. Oops, sorry. I misunderstood the post to mean that the entire page said that instead of the blog content it was supposed to display.

  5. Not a problem. :)

    We've had the issue in the past here.

  6. Found the trouble. It's originating from one of my linked sites. Thanks for the lead. :-)

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