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iTunes affiliates program / link maker

  1. twobikeminimum

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to insert links from my posts to the iTunes store through Apple's affiliates program. For some reason I just can't get these links to show up in my posts. Is this because I'm not supposed to be doing this? Not really sure... I just thought it would be convenient for people to jump directly to songs that I mention in my posts. I've tried this before (linking to CDs) though Amazon with no problems. Here is what a typical iTunes link looks like:

    <img height="15" width="61" alt="Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas - Heaven or Las Vegas" src=""></img>


  2. twobikeminimum

  3. The forum search box is your friend. Please take note of what our Moderator drmike has to say in this thread

  4. TT, you may want to tell people what you are searching for so that they can learn from the experience. Also the thread you point folks at concerns the itunes HTML link, not an affliate link which is something different.

    T, affliate links are not allowed except under certain conditions. Here's a link to searching for affliate links already discussed in the forums. Please note that Amazon links may also be considered under that ban. Here's the FAQ on the subject.

    You may want to contact staff via feedback to see if what you are doing is allowed or not.

    Hope this helps,

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