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    I used to post podcast episodes and generate an auto RSS feed for itunes.
    This seems to have worked perfectly on the podcast app on my iphone. However when I check itunes on my computer, it lists the episodes as CLEAN (they’re not, and on the app they are listed as explicit) and it has the main show description as the episode descriptions (Where as in the app each episode has it’s own unique description)
    Any idea how this could be happening??

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello hancockcreativeshop!

    The description of each episode is loaded from the post excerpt, you have to add that to your podcast posts. Here is how you can do it:

    About the explicit content, I checked on iTunes and iPhone and in both it shows that the podcast is explicit, and not the episodes, all show “Clean”. To show the episodes as explicit too you need to add a tag on the mp3 file. This link might help with how to set the tags:


    I was under the impression that unless I was hosting my own site, using wordpress.ORG that I couldn’t use plugins like powerpress.
    Is there a way to use them with a site?
    I have my libsyn and my wordpress podcast options set to explicit, I’m not sure why the episodes show as clean unless youre on mobile.


    Thank you for the excerpt advice, I did followed those instructions, hopefully that will fix the description problems!


    @hancockcreativeshop, yeah, plugins are not allowed on a site due to security reasons. You can check the differences between sites and self-hosted sites at:

    The way to have podcasts on a site is how you’re doing. Here is more information that can be useful:

    On my iPhone is showing the episodes as clean too, like on iTunes at my desktop, as follows:

    I found this link about the episodes explicit tags:

    You can try to use this app Mp3tag and create a tag called “ITUNESADVISORY” with the “1” value. Tag your mp3 files before uploading to your host service.

    Let us know how it goes and if there is anything else we can help.

    * The episodes descriptions are loading the post excerpts now :)

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