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I've been blocked from commenting on PFT.

  1. I'm blocked from commenting

  2. I've been blocked from commenting on PFT. Please explain.

  3. We cannot explain why any blogger chooses to block you. That is not our concern.

  4. Why do my comments not appear?

  5. is VIP hosted site and they can choose to block anyone they wish to block.

  6. I've been blocked since I made a polite, well received and well constructed response to a professional athletes objection to funding Planned Parenthood. The copy & past is here:

    Here’s where this gets silly: The primary mission of Planned Parenthood is the prevention of unintended pregnancy. That’s why it’s called Planned Parenthood. This should be obvious. 95% of what they do involves reproductive counseling and contraception. Yes, they do provide referrals for legal, medically safe procedures. Some may disagree with propriety of abortion. That is their right under the constitution. Some may feel the procedure is something they must do. That is their right under the law and the constitution. The simple truth is that by providing the counseling and contraception services that they do, Planned Parenthood prevents millions of abortions every year. Remember, the best way to prevent abortion is to prevent pregnancy.

    The PFT article specifically referenced NFL player Matt Birk's objections to PP and I offered a polite & informed response. If you read my response, you can see that I insulted, assaulted, demeaned and diminished no one.

    Absolutely nothing I have posted to PFT boards has passed through moderation since this post. If this is an honest place for dialogue, why am I being blocked?

  7. Please be aware that you are dialoging into a vacuum. We cannot help you here at all. All VIP bloggers can choose to block whoever they wish to block for whatever reason they wish.

  8. PFT offers no mechanism for redress, thus I can only ask here. Is there another way I can contact moderators at PFT to address my concerns? It is disappointing that a well thought through position on an article that they were begging for comment on is the catalyst for suspension of commenting privileges. Please run this through whatever back channels PFT & Word Press might offer. The only message I might infer from PFT & WP at this point is that there is an agenda, and those who might question that agenda (however politely) will be denied a place in the conversation. Aside from this comment about women's rights, all of my PFT comments have been about football... And they've been on topic & never profane.

  9. No. There is no means of appeal. You simply suck it up and accept the fact that your off topic religious zealotry masquerading as a prosportstalk talk comment was detected as spam and rejected.

  10. Outside of changing your name - no real redress

    ANY web site owner can deny someone the ability to comment on their web site - I can not let you comment on my site for instance and there is nothing that you or WordPress.COM can do about it - that is the fact of life -

    Your only option is the somehow contact the blog owners if they have some sort of contact form for the site or if you can find contact info in some other way

    I can't see WordPress.COM forcing any blog owner to allow a specific person to comment -

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