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I've been doing my comedy blog for 2 years can I please get you guys

  1. to come over and give some feedback? I never ask for anything, so help me out and maybe I'll make you laugh in return.
    I'm also having a give-away so if you really need incentive, there you go.
    Thanks ~Rich

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Keep the giveaway...just visit us more often, as I recall you have some awesome stand up presence as well, I used to love your stuff, but, as redundant as it seems at times, we have to visit one another's sites to stay in the loop...I really don't know how those folks with over 40 regular visitors have time to do anything more than write post, and replies...But, hey, I always loved your work. Just lost track of you sometime back..My latest post is somewhat a comedic spiel,but, spotlights a fellow WordPress Bloggers site.. He has another site you may enjoy more...sort of a Comic Roast Site

    He has MANY more visitors than I, ( as you know I mention the name Jesus quite often) so, frequenting his site and commenting can certainly open proliferate possibilities when they see your comic whit.(.If you build it they will come)
    But, please do read my latest post...and let me know what you think...
    I greatly respect your professional opinion...Bless You

  3. plasticdaffodils

    Ok, here's my honest solicited feedback:

    The Background - it's too busy and distracts from the actual content of your blog. Also, I had a hard time seeing where your links were for older content, etc. Sometimes, less is more.

    Content - Include more original work and less aggregated content. If you're going to include pictures, I don't think they need to be as big as they are - they swallow the whole post. You don't have to give away your life details, but find a way to allow your readers to personally connect with you. I thought your post about the contacts was funny and allowed me to relate to you. It actually took me a few minutes to see there was a "continue reading" link below the snippets, I thought the snippets were the whole thing.

    Tone - Be careful with sarcasm in written content. Sometimes your tone comes off like actual anger/being a dick, which is not what I think you're going for. Keep the sarcasm by all means, but work it in with some lighter stuff so that people actually understand your tone.

    Posts - If you want people to read more often, post more often. Shoot for at least a couple of times a week. Keep a little notebook with you during the day or use your phone to write down funny situations you come across. Trust me, you probably won't remember otherwise and you'll be glad for the inspiration when you have writer's block.

    Good luck!

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