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I've been hacked

  1. Hello
    My blog has been hacked and bits have been edited out repeatedly I'm not sure who is doing this it could be someone I know or someone else.
    What can I do to protect my blog?
    Many thanks

  2. Register a password comprised of letters and numbers that no one can guess. Do not give your password to ANYONE else and od not have any other users of your blog who have administrative access.

  3. Are you talking about a blog here on has only the Hello World post (Nov 24).

    Regardless, the first thing I would do is go in and change the password, and make it something someone cannot easily guess. If there are other contributors or authors, make sure they are not set up as administator. Have only yourself set up as administrator (if it is your blog). Never ever give out your password to someone else.

  4. {waving to tt}

  5. Thanks I never give my passwords to anyone else and my blog is not called born2rant.
    i think someone must be hacking into my computer .
    I've changed all of my passwords, I use good anti-spyware.The thing is the person I suspect could hack into anything.

  6. You might then want to do a complete spyware and virus scan of your entire computer making certain that both programs (if they are separate) are up to date on their definitions.

    If they have access to your computer physically, then set up a password to log into the system, and never leave it on when you are away.

    Other than what has been suggested on passwords, we've gone about as far as we can I think unless someone else has any suggestions.

  7. @borntorant

    and my blog is not called born2rant

    (1) Do you have a blog and is this question specifically pertaining to it?
    (2) If so, then have you followed the advice provided in the links that I posted above?

  8. Thanks both of you but I am well up on Internet security. I guess there's nothing more I can do.

  9. Are you talking about a blog hosted at That's not an irrelevant question. We cannot help you until you answer it.

  10. Please, please tell us do you or do you not have a blog?
    If you do have one and it's not a private blog please post the url for it.
    Also I recommend that you have your computer scanned online ASAP

  11. Hello There
    Yes it is at WordPress.
    I changed the password ( plus password on computer, e-mail account,myspace etc....) and have done a thorough anti-virus and anti-spyware check.
    Nothing's been changed on my blog today so hopefully no one is reading my keystrokes, or stealing passwords from my computer memory....we will see I just wondered if other people on WordPress were being hacked but apparently not!
    I will be offline for a few days and may use a different computer.
    Many thanks glad no one else has been hacked.

  12. No-one here at is hacked.

    What happens is others guess your password

    That is a very important difference because you set your password.

  13. Hello

    Glad to know that WordPress is so secure. It must a good hacker who found my password!
    Thanks for your replies. I hope no one else gets hacked as it's not pleasant and never happened to me before.

  14. Just in case anyone was wondering and since born2rant never really answered the question that was asked of him or her a number of times. (5 second google search for " born2rant")

    Do note that since all of the blogs run off once instance of the software, if you were hacked, these forums would be filled with folks complaining about their own blogs being hacked. That's not occuring.

    Do also note that your double use of the identical categories and tags will probably get you banned from index sites such as Technorati and the rest. They usually view that as an attempt of "gumming" their system.

  15. Reports of hacked blogs invariably turn out to be one of three things:

    1. The owner had a poor password that was guessed.

    2. The owner's email account was hacked (often a gmail account with a poor password), and someone used that to reset their password.

    3. The owner added someone else as an Administrator of their blog.

  16. Why is everyone so defensive? I was only trying to see if someone else had been hacked and if anyone was sharing the same predicament.
    Love and peace to all you grumpy people out there!

  17. Hi there,
    As you can see above I posted 3 times to this thread but I was was not grumpy. I supplied you with all the information you needed in the very first response to this thread. (See the second link I posted there.)
    Love and peace back at you :-)

  18. Thanks Timethief Bless you

  19. By the way I'm going now!

  20. {waving and smiling} :-)

  21. Maybe someone got into your computer if they are that tech savy and don't fear the police getting involved. I read on a forum once someone saying that a man they got into an argument with on a different folder got into their computer and even left a file leaving a message for that person. In the whole Kathy Sierra drama, I read somewhere that one of the accused had to get a new computer because someone got into his computer.

  22. got into an argument with on a different folder

    I meant to say forum.

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