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I've been hacked

  1. I have contacted support. The hacker seems to still be active as he has survived several password changes. There is only one user on my blog! I have done what I can. Any ideas?

  2. You have not been hacked.

    You will have had a password that someone guessed - there is a big difference.

    Contact Support using the email address you created the blog with and every other detail.

  3. The blog is inactive until this is sorted out.

  4. I am about to change my password again! I might add that the person who write the comment above has in fact rewritten my original but is telling the truth about what I have done, that is making password changes and contacting support. It is a serious breach.

  5. I have now changed the password again.

  6. I might add that the previous comment dated Sep 8, 2008, 2:02 PM has been changed by the hacker.

  7. Comments above have also been subtly changed.

  8. Comments in these forums cannot be edited except by staff - and we always note when this is done.

    I have no idea what you think is going on.

    Contact support with every detail.

  9. Mark, someone has edited the comments. I don't know how. I have contacted support, and I have changed my password to a strong password six times at least today. This is a serious hack.

  10. For example, I did not originally write "Comments above have also been subtly changed."!

  11. It is impossible for comments to be edited.

    Contact Support and give every single possible detail about this 'hack'. You cannot possibly give us too much detail.

    And there is NO 'hack' - it is always a password issue.

  12. @ninglun
    Have you considered the possibility that someone may have hacked your PC? So regardless of your password changes, the hacker will always know. Unless you haven't already done so I strongly recommend a aspyware and virus search on your PC.

  13. The blog and user are suspended.
    This is only to prevent damage to the blog.
    As soon as this is sorted out the blog will be restored.

    If I do not suspend and something happens you would ask me why I did not.

    Again, contact / reply to Support with every single detail.

  14. This really is me! I would like to thank Mark and the team for their help. I'm still going now at and have asked to be enabled to delete the blog, or for the team to do it for me. It was intended to be merely an index to my blogs and a place to talk about blogging, but was never my greatest in visits. Some people liked it, but I can live without it. BTW -- just in case -- ask me the name of the first dog I ever had... ;) If I know the answer, than I really am me!

  15. @ninglun
    Contact Support

  16. Thanks, teck07. I've done so. I am happy with the way things are resolving, by the way.

  17. You're welcome! ninglun,

  18. Most of the issues raised above have been addressed, but I still have one blog whose dashboard I cannot access yet. The blog involved is which is a very small space I have set aside for matters of concern to some TESOL students I am helping; it is totally non-commercial. It is a bit of an inconvenience that I can't at this stage respond to them, unless of course they email me...

    I have contacted Support... The service from Mark and others in the past day or two has been great, I should add.

    NOTE: I have made sure that none of my browsers remember anything, especially passwords. I have opted out of Google Chrome. I have configured Windows Live Writer to forget everything too... :(

  19. Thanks, you wonderful people in Support. That problem is now solved.

  20. pornstarbabylon

    You should also change the passwords for your eemail account and every other account associated with your blog like Photobucket, Flickr, Myspace, etc.

  21. Done. :)

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