Why has my blog disappeared in search engine results?

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    I’ve recently changed my username to camilosolano.wordpress.com
    Before it was camiloabsolano.wordpress.com

    And now when I go on google to find my blog, i type “camilo solano” and it appears the old adress that it’s not online anymore and the new just don’t appear. That’s not good for people who might want look for my page.

    What can I do??


    Blog url: http://camilosolano.wordpress.com/



    Hi Camilo,

    We have no control over how Google sorts sites in their search engine. It’s possible (likely even) that your domain name change altered your ranking, but that’s entirely up to Google. For more details on that sort of thing, please contact them directly.

    Your new site will be indexed and pulled in by them automatically. You might want to take a look at this:


    There isn’t a magic bullet when it comes to search engines. The best advise I can give is to keep churning out good solid content.

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