How can I change my public display name?

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    I first set up my blog as the The War of the Mind and Soul and then changed it to
    The War Dance of the Mind and Soul. However, even though I’ve tried to change it, the old name remains on public display. I’ve tried the methods your site suggests but it doesn’t look as though the link is working properly. Would you be able to help me with this please?
    Blog url:


    Hi, are you wanting to change the way your username appears below post titles or are you trying to change the title of your site that appears at the top of every page?

    The way your username appears can be changed at Users > My Profile. The title at the top of all your pages can be changed at Settings > General. Is one of those not working for you?

    If so, can you let us know which one you’re trying to change? Thanks!


    I’m happy with the top name thewardanceofthemindandsoul, it’s the the original one that appears at the bottom which omits ‘dance’ that I want to change. Not sure if the link is working on my page.



    That’s actually your Display name. You can change that at


    You are correct, but this is the name that I can’t change on my page, and I’m not sure if the update profile button is working.
    My concern is that if I leave a comment and someone tries to respond through that link, they will be unable to find me because the original warofthemindandsoul has been deleted.


    I am a bit confused though because the correct name appears on this posting, so why when I click on comments, does my old name appear?



    You still have your display name set as “The War of the Mind and Soul”

    You’ll need to go to and select something different from the “Display name publicly as” drop-down menu.

    It looks like the incorrect selection may be coming from your profile at


    Please note that I have conducted this same action sequence about 50 times and it doesn’t work….

    I go to my Public Profile page…
    I go to display name publicly as…

    this name says War of the Mind and soul….which is the old deleted site name.

    I change this name to thewardanceofthemindandsoul…..

    I then press update profile tab

    then…. nothing changes!!!

    I keep asking you if you can reactivate the links to this page but you keep telling me to do the same thing that I’ve already done 50 times before, that does not work!

    So, I’m asking you again…is it possible please, for you to reactivate the update profile button on my public profile page, or suggest something else that does work.
    Thank you.



    I changed your display name to thewardanceofthemindandsoul through your personal settings page. As far as I can tell, everything seems to be working now. Your display name shows up as thewardanceofthemindandsoul under your post title at (screenshot of what I see – ).

    Please check out your profile (Users > My Profile) and your personal settings (Users > Personal Settings) to confirm this.

    Please let me know if I have misunderstood the issue. If I have, can you take a screenshot of the problem and upload it to your blog through your Media Library? Thanks.


    Thank you very much, the problem now seems to be resolved as my public display name is now as it should be.

    Thank you for your help.



    Glad to hear it! It’s my pleasure.

    Just in case anyone comes across this in the future, please try changing your display name in your Personal Settings (Users > Personal Settings). Please check out our support documentation at for more information.

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