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I've finished my blog, how do I make a hard copy ?

  1. My blog was a travel diary about our trip overseas. Now that we are home, how do I make a hard copy of it to keep and how do I shut down the blog ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thenakedlistener

    Your browser handles the printing side of things.

    No browser can handle automatic printing of all posts (yet!), if that is what I think you're thinking.

    You have to go to the individual post itself to print out. Each browser, of course, renders the printout in different ways. You pays your money, you get what comes.

    To shut down the blog, see this:

    My suggestion is that you keep your blog but make it "private": go to Dashboard > Settings > Privacy. This will NOT remove your archives from search engines, but will hide your posts going forward.

    Hope this helps.

  3. @duffsontour

    Don't delete your blog - you have a nice address - once a blog URL is deleted it is gone forever.

    As @TT suggested setting your blog to private stops people from seeing it unless you invite them in and the blog is waiting for your next tour or for you to let new friends share your travels

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