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  1. I've just checked my blog site today after a couple of days off. Then I saw this on top of the dashboard:

    Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.

    then I tried posting and instead of "post" it says there "submit for review".
    I reviewed my posts and couldn't find anything that's foul or copyrighted.

    Help! How do I resolve this? I've already done what they asked me to do.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you 'click here' to contact staff? If not, please do so now, we cannot help you in the forums.

  3. As carocat said, contact staff. We here are just volunteers. From looking at your blog I would say it is most likely a copyright infringement issue with some of the pictures/videos, but only staff can answer that.

  4. I've already clicked on contact staff. regarding the pictures/videos, I always put the source of those and I've seen vidoes from youtube in other blogsites. And most of the pictures, especially from my personal experience are my pictures.
    Thanks anyway.

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