I’ve Imported From Blogger, now want to assign categories – link breaks

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    I’ve successfully imported my blog from blogger.

    When doing so, it created a bunch of categories from the blog titles.

    I’ve deleted all those categories and set up the ones that I want to use… for instance category of “Berkeley Living” .and. sub-category of “Only in Berkeley”

    It takes the new categories just fine, but when I click on the new link (acual link below)


    I get the “You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude” error message.

    So.. it seems that the blog post link was updated to reflect the new category and subcategory… but the blog wasn’t “re-indexed” (my word, not an official term as far as I know) to reflect that the category has been changed from “uncategorized”

    Is there an easy way to re-index the blog?

    I think I have a workaround – to assign the new categories/subcategories to the posts, export them, and then re-import them. Will try that out if I have to – right now just setting up the Blog so I can readily redo it all.


    Ira Serkes

    The blog I need help with is serkes.wordpress.com.


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    You are in the wrong forum. Our software at WordPress.com is different from your wp.ORG software with self-hosted blogs:



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