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I've just posted a Social Bookmarking tool especially for users!

  1. GetSocial - Social Bookmarking for
    You can download it (for free) on my page.

    Key benefits:
    * Add Social Boolmarking toolbar to your posts on
    * Designed toolbars that will not cramp your style!
    * Add/Fix an button to your blog - that acctually points to your blog.
    * Wizard interface (easy as 1,2,3!)
    * Totaly free!

    Hillel :)

  2. Can you show us an example of a blog where this is already working?

  3. Interesting, thanks. I just assumed that wasn't

    What software is required? Does it work on a Mac? I see the reference to Microsoft .net framework 2.0, but does that work with all systems?

  4. Sorry, no mac support as this time..

    This is a Visual Basic application (Windows application)
    You can download it from my page (it's 100% Virus/Addware/Whatever free!)

  5. I'm already using Sunburntkamel's social bookmarking buttons, so I'll stick with that. Besides, I just turfed half a dozen programs on this machine so it wouldn't keep giving me that "Disk full" every fifteen minutes.

  6. It's a 436 Kilobyte application, so I wouldn't worry about disk space, but suit yourself..

    In case you change your mind, here are 7 reasons why GetSocial is better :

    1. You don't need to get messy and use replace/.txt editors stuff like that.
    2. All the links GetSocial generates are recent, verified and working.
    3. The buttons/toolbar looks 1,000 times better.
    4. You can choose between 4 different toolbars.
    5. You can add (or fix) working buttons to your blog.
    6. It's faster, and it even copies the result for the clipboard for you.
    7. It's brand new - you can't beat that! :)

  7. We disagree about a few of those points: I don't think it looks better, it's far less customizable, the Add This button is redundant if you've got the social bookmarking buttons, newer isn't better (enjoying uploading images with the new, the links Sbk's tool generates work perfectly.

  8. I'm going to take another look at these, because the social bookmarking buttons won't work on the Monotone theme, since it only displays one image per post. There MUST be another way. Ideas?

  9. How about using just text links?

    So, if you want to use Addthis, use it without the icon. If you want to use individual bookmarking sites, use their text links instead - something that can say digg,, stumbe etc.

    to have a picture feel, you might like to format the text of the text links. like, use a different font, use larger fonts and of a different colour etc! :D

  10. Wow, thank you both! Necessity is indeed the Mother of Invention.

  11. The text links I've used in the past have been ugly, but I'll try. Thanks for the idea about colour; I'd forgotten that as an option.

  12. rain,
    it is possible to tweak sbk's code so that we can use it to generate customized text links. if you need help on this, just holler and i will post the modified code (crediting sbk too).

    so you get code, i get hits and sbk gets backlink - something for everyone! :D

  13. No, it's easy enough for me to fix it myself. I might just go with Add This as a text link, since the thing I like best about sbk's links is the way they look. Add This as text looks like the best compromise at the moment.

  14. if you are going to choose a third party site, there are more besides Addthis that will work for i have cerated roundabout solutions. personally i like addthis better though. here are some other options:

    How to use “socialmarker” to help your readers submit your blog posts to multiple social bookmarking sites

    How to have the “socializer” bookmarking option under blog posts

    How to use Addtoany to easily offer readers social bookmarking and RSS subscription options for your blog (posts)

    there are more options. but these are some of the best ones, imo.

  15. Thanks, you've really done your homework. I'm not updating the Monotone site again till Monday, will look into which I like before then.

  16. Thanks for your comments,
    However, if everything is "solved" as you claim, why is it that almost no one is using this? Why is it that your site is the only one I've seen with a *working* button?
    I believe the answer lies in the fact that people just don't like complicated solutions..

    That's why I made GetSocial:
    Clicking next three times is something everyone can do!

  17. Also,

    Note that in the old solution some of the links doesn’t work (Newsvine for example) and others only half-work (Digg) - check and see for yourself!

    This Is due to old links, and to the fact that there is no Special Character handling in the old solution (Which is text editor based). GetSocial takes care of special characters automatically (try doing this with replace!).

    Btw, GetSocial also provides additional features such as automatically assigning mirrors for the icons, and optimized icon files so that it can handle many users (you don't need to upload any file yourself).

    All I'm saying is: don't be so conservative, give it a chance. It's free!

    (GetSocial - Social Bookmarking for
    (You can download GetSocial at

  18. Dude, take it easy. That "faulty" Digg button has brought me several hundred hits this week. There's no need to flog it so hard; if it's a superior solution, people will gravitate to it.

  19. That's right! :)

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  21. Why is it that your site is the only one I've seen with a *working* button?

    here is another blog that i know uses it....

    the percentage is small, i agree. i am not sure why, cos, my solution is not hard. it's just a bookmarklet and very easy to use. one reason could be, it seems like extra load because users presume beforehand that the original code is enough.

    anyways, i would love to try getsocial. i don't have the .net whatever right now.

  22. Hi sanjidabd,

    If you keep your machine updated you should be able to run GetSocial without any additional installations. If you try to run it, and it says you need Microsoft .net framework 2.0, you can go to Windows Update or download the Redistributable Package directly from their website:

    Hillel :)

  23. I love it, and it's as brainlessly easy as can be - except - in my post, I get a white space between every badge on the toolbar.

    I posted in on the HTML page, saw it looking perfect on the Visual page, then, when posted, the bar is always broken up. Any tips? Here's a sample:
    Catonsville Nine.

  24. I saw that the other day. Just on a site that hosts in javascript. Good project going!

  25. mighty useful ta. no alt tags though?

  26. or at least, I can't get the alt tags to show up when I roll over..

  27. Hi there,

    The GetSocial spacing/frame phenomena is caused due to your theme settings - some themes add spaces and frames to blog images. I will do my best to deal with these issues in future versions of GetSocial.

    As for now, you can:
    - Change your theme settings using CSS (but you need the CSS upgrade)
    - Select a different theme (not likely)
    - (Recommended) Use the ‘Design’ setting in GetSocial (try it and see if you like it better)

    Enjoy GetSocial!

    Hillel :)

  28. About the alt tags: each icon generated by GetSocial gets an "Add to X" alt, where X is the name of the individual service, starting with a capital letter. I have chosen to give a standard alt to all the icons (as opposed to using specific alts like 'stumble it!') in order to create a more uniform feel to the toolbar.

    Btw, you can see an example of the GetSocial 'Design' icon style (which is recommended for people with the image space problem) here:

    Hillel :)

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