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I've just purchased a woo theme...

  1. I've just purchased a woo theme and when I select appearance - an install themes tab doesn't show up as the instructional video shows???

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the free hosted blog you purchased the premium theme for? Will you also state which premium them you purchased ie. provide the name of the theme?

  3. In the event you are not referring to a free hosted blog but are referring to a install, then you are posting to the wrong support forum, and ought to be posting to this one instead
    For clarity >

  4. Here is my active wordpress blog. and I purchased the simplicity theme I've had the Coroaline them up since 2009 but really want to update it.

  5. You bought a theme from an external source, and you can't use that on a WordPress.COM blog. You can only use themes you find on your dashboard under Themes. Ask Woothemes for your money back.

  6. Do I have to use to use a purchased theme?? Woo themes designs are for wordpress. I know many people that have done this????

  7. I repeat that we cannot upload third party themes into free hosted blogs. Those themes are only for installs.

    For clarity please read this >

  8. Got it! I just read the elegant themes entry. So to use a purchased 3rd party theme we would have to open a new .org account in a new name?

  9. No, .org is only a resource for people using software from You have to buy paid hosting and a domain name and install the software and THEN you can use your purchased theme. It's not usually worth it to move just to use a new theme. Woothemes even has some they made just for WordPress.COM, and those are on your dashboard.

  10. Thanks! I totally get it. Do you have any tips for getting my money back...

  11. Just email them and ask. They're a very reputable company.

  12. Hey there,

    Please feel free to contact us via support [at] wordpress [dot] com if you'd like a refund.


  13. I purchased the simplicity theme ...

    I don't think that theme was purchased through as the theme name does not appear among those that are available to us here > Appearance > Themes or here

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