How can I access custom design?

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    I engaged bluehost to host my wordpress-constructed site, changed nameservers to bluehost, and imprted my wordpress to their wordpress 3.2 install…and now I’ve lost my Custom design capability

    How do I get it back? (transaction details below) – pls help…

    Your Upgrade was purchased successfully.

    Item: Custom Design for
    Cost: $30


    TOTAL: 30.00
    Purchased By: C G CATHER

    Transaction ID: [removed]
    Blog url:


    Your Custom Design upgrade is still available, but it is only for your blog hosted here at – this upgrade doesn’t extend over to Bluehost.

    If you go to and then go to your Upgrades page, you will see that your Custom Design upgrade is still active, and doesn’t expire until 2012.



    Hi, thanks for quick reply: is there no way I can use this functionality now i’m hosted by bluehost – I assumed as they’re a wordpress-partner, the Custom Design function would remain intact….
    otherwise, can I have a refund?
    thanks again…C


    There isn’t a way for the custom design upgrade to transfer to a Bluehost site. I’ve removed it and refunded it for you. Cheers!

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