Ive lost all information

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    I cannot find my account linked to the blog. Hello I made a blog in 2010

    I didn’t put any work into this blog at all since then, and now things have changed with new work and clients I need to freshen up and update the blog.

    The problem is that I have looked through my email accounts and I had a hotmail that I long lost login details for, but the sum of what Im trying to say is that I cannot find an account that links me to the blog. /yokoandbear.wordpress.com

    I have two accounts with wordpress, I think its smarter to make it one, I earlier made a blog for my boyfriends design studio, but its not in use now. My two accounts were

    User name ninaolssonhoff
    user name Yokoform

    My emails that I could have used is
    (email redacted) (I have cleaned out emails older before 2011, stupid me)
    (email redacted)

    I used to have an email (email redacted), and i didnt renewed so the mails are lost.
    I have just bought it again, so that is a possible mail adress I could have used.
    I just to have an hotmail, but I cannot find it anymore.
    It is really my blog is there anyway you can assist me.

    Kind regards
    Blog url: http://yokoandbear.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is yokoandbear.wordpress.com.



    I’ve now really gone through old hardisk for notes on passwords for email accounts and the wordpress blogg “Yokoandbear” and I just have to accept that I have no access to the blog. How can I get in to the blog, I dont want to just leave it like that. Can it be deleted and started again? It wasnt really full of content, but it is my work on display floating out there. Any suggestions welcome.



    I dont see anybody answering and there is no direct contact form to a support team as far as I can see.

    But if anyone is reading that can assist, I just read that its possible to retrive access to the blog by confirming authorship. The work published on my blog can be proved that it is mine, AND i read that WordPress has “happinees engineers” that help restore the lost account details..

    Anyone there?



    I would have to say that if you cannot get in to the accounts then it may be wise to start again (make a new email address) if there is anything you can salvage from finding the actual blog posts then you could just copy and paste the material in to the new account.

    I would advise that you write your future account names and passwords on some kind of note paper like a pad and keep it in your desk drawer, or somewhere safe, I do that with mine now as I have learned my lesson because I don’t like to save this kind of information on my computer, in case the computer breaks down, I have a real paper form back-up to use.



    Thank you, Realismbegins. I have learned my lesson concerning passwords, in the future they will be more safe.

    My biggest concern now is that the blog title is important to my buisness so that is actually what I want to keep. That is not possible if I cannot get into the account.

    How long will a blog stay, forever? Nobody else can get into it either.. And I really would like to use my blog name again for the new.



    The blog will stay forever, but it is not necessarily lost forever. I will flag this thread for staff attention and they may be able to help you.


    Thank you so much, I very grateful for your help.



    I just answered this thread with my second WordPress account, it might be useful to staff to see my both accounts.

    And thanks again for the replies and help.



    @yokoform – check your email accounts for a moderated comment – that went to your Admin email – the staff will not give out email but they should give you the user name of the account – I flagged this for the staff (@raincoasters flag got lost)



    Again thank you.
    I just checked my email but nothing came yet, but perhaps it takes a little while. Im just really happy that I am getting help.



    Found another link from the staff that might help:

    If you have lost access to your WordPress.com account, please visit https://en.wordpress.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword and click “Need More Help?” if necessary.



    I did try this already with both my know account names and my existing emails, I’m afraid that I actually did start this blog using an admin mail from an email that I no longer use and have access to.

    If the WordPress staff can help, it might be reasssuring for them that the email on the “about” page on my blog, is an email that is owned by me, however unfortunately and very stupidly of me I must have used another admin mail, thinking back then that it was more secure too have secret email in use for admin. Will never make that mistake again.



    If you contacted us via the “Need More Help?” button, we’ll reply via email as soon as we can.



    When we register a username account at WordPress.com the email address we register becomes our unique identifier. So the person who owns the blog is the person with the username account who registered the blog and who provided the email address the blog is associated with.

    In order to help get access to the blog Staff need one of the following things in order to correctly identify you as the blog owner:

    1. an email from the email address associated with the account or revealing what that associated email address was

    2. the wordpress.com API key for the account. This was included in your welcome email with a note to keep it safe.

    3. a transaction number if any upgrades were purchased for the blog

    Do you have any of those?



    Hi time, thief, thanks for taking your time helping me :)
    Ive read this information earlier, and I neither have an API key, actually didnt know what that was until tonight. Or transaction numbers, I haven’t got so far as to upgrade the blog yet, However I have an email associated with blog, yippie, but its not the admin email though, but perhaps it will do.

    Thanks again everyone for such a quick response, Im now gonna mail with the Happiness Engineers, and see what can be done.

    I like how it works here and if I get a bit better with my blogging I will for sure offer my own help in these forums if I can.



    Hi Macmanx, have sent an email via the “need more help” button.
    Looking forward to an answer.



    When I look at the content of my blog, there is actually hardly any, its only a few pictures of MY own work, I should be able to get that testified if needed. All and all can it be a few hundreds words tops. Now its in the hands of the happiness engineers, so I’ll happy to wait and see….



    I managed to retrieve the password for the lost account thorug an old email. Yippey. Thanks for the help everyone. This is now resolved :)

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