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I've messed up my pages appearance on mobile devices. What to do? (Yoko theme)

  1. Hi!
    After a lot of "messing around" in the stylesheet for YOKO, I finally managed to figure out how to increase the space between the posts and the sidebar. But the I discovered that it totally messed up how the website looks in mobile version. (when you view it on your smartphone). So I changed it back in the stylesheet, but it's still messed up on the phone. What should I do about this??

    I also wondered how you're able to change the colors on the posts when you open them. By some sort of luck I've managed to change the color on the homepage, but I can't seem to find out how I change it when you open it. When will custom colors be available for Yoko?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. First, unless you are going to redesign from scratch, I would recommend making sure the "Add my CSS" option is selected at the bottom of the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page and then removing everything from the editor area *except* the CSS you'd like to update. That will make it easier to keep track of changes and still give you the benefit of the theme's core CSS files underneath.

    Since you've already mentioned you reversed your changes, I think ti would be good to start from scratch. Try removing all of the CSS from the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor and then check it via mobile again. Does it fix the problem? If so, we can start from there with new CSS changes that are responsive design friendly. :)

  3. I also wondered how you're able to change the colors on the posts when you open them.

    Here is an example of changing title and link colors for just single posts in the Yoko theme:

    .single #content .single-entry-header h1.entry-title,
    .single a {
    	color: green;

    Note that you can take out the ".single" for each selector to make the change for the entire site.

    You can also change the color name to a color code of your choice:

  4. When will custom colors be available for Yoko?

    I don't have a time frame for this right now, but note that we are working on converting all of the themes and I will check up on it for you.

  5. Aside: great site title and domain name! :)

  6. Great news, we've added custom colors for Yoko! Cheers :)

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