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    i’ve recently upgraded and am now using wordpress.org I’ve done the whole export my wordpress.com posts and imported them to the wordpress.org site.. i’ve got 2 issues/questions…. when i created the wordpress.org site, i had to create a new login.. so, now, because i’ve imported posts from my old site, i have 2 users on my wordpress.org.. .i know its a minor thing, but i’m so anal about things like this… if i delete the user that was imported from wordpress.com, will all the posts go with it, or will they stay?

    i don’t really care about the domain that i bought a year ago through wordpress for my wordpress.com site, as its actually going to expire in like a month.. however, is there a way I can auto-redirect people who go to my old site to the new one? i have created a post saying “we’ve moved” but is there a way to do the re-direct.. I tried a few different codes, and they dont work…

    The blog I need help with is chriswtburke.com.



    ok, i’ve already answered my first question.. thats all good.. now, just address the second one.

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