I’ve really done it now! …Problems with (changed) domain

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    The newspaper for which I’m the online editor, wildcat.arizona.edu, migrated from http://www.dailywildcat.com long ago. However, previous online editors decided to create our blog page at blogs.dailywildcat.com, using WordPress.

    I’ve been trying to rid the site entirely of dailywildcat.com, keeping it all within wildcat.arizona.edu, including the blogs. I created a page on the website called wildcat.arizona.edu/blogs2, and tried to redirect WordPress to there in the options panel. Now, I can’t log on at all and am basically out of luck. It’s giving me the 404 error.

    Help anyone?



    You need to ask at http://wordpress.org/support as they support the version of WordPress you use.
    They may ask you to use phpmyadmin – if you do not have access to that please do tell them.

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