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    I have been a wordpress.com blogger for years, but the most frustrating thing to me is the process it takes to upload pictures. i now have a mac and was playing with a friend’s iweb tonight, and it was SOOOO easy to just click and drag pictures in. I loved it!

    But can wordpress work with iweb?

    Blogspot has really cute designs (yes, I know that sounds really girly and non-techy – sorry) that can be uploaded from templates. iWeb has a few cuter ones with very easy picture management. But wordpress has been tried and true with the basics of blogging as far as consistency.

    So, I want to upload more pictures – easier. I want a more attractive theme. Can I have this with wordpress? Or what are my options if not?

    I know these are random questions, just looking for some advice. And I did search support and the forum, and I didn’t see a lot of information on this subject. Hoping for some help…

    The blog I need help with is sarahunderhill.wordpress.com.


    You can insert images stored on iWeb I think, by using the “insert from URL” feature in the “insert image screen, but you lose a lot of the advanced features here since they can only be applied to images uploaded here.

    As far as uploading images here, I upload multiple images in one operation all the time here. The flash uploader allows you to select multiple images for upload. I generally don’t upload more than say 10 at a time though because if the servers happen to be busy (lots of posting and such going on) sometimes it can timeout before all the images get uploaded.

    On Mac, to select non-contiguous images in the same folder, hold down the CMD key while selecting. To select contiguous images, click on the first in the list and then hold down the shift key and select the last image. For Windoze, I’m not sure what the keys are for non-contiguous and contiguous.

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