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    I’m currently using Ecto on my mac to publish to my WP blog. I recently bought iLife ’06, which comes with iWeb. I was wondering if there’s any useful way to integrate iWeb with WP.com.



    Uh why would you want to do that? I think wordpress is better. That’s the point of WP. WordPress.com isn’t a template hosting site. If you want that you should probably be using .Mac

    What is iLife anyway? I don’t really understand how using it would help.
    http://www.apple.com/ilife/iweb/ ?



    How can you say WP is better if you don’t even know what iLife is?



    How can you say WP is better if you don’t even know what iLife is?…. exactly. No, iWeb is not amazing but considering its the first version from Apple and is £55 for a few more programs aswell, bloody hell! iWeb is perfect for peoplewho just want a quick easy website, without any coding experience, to share with there friends and family etc….
    I just bought it from Apple and iLife ’06 is absoloutely amazing…..
    Thanx Apple.
    And to the question, not as yet no there is no way to intergrate although if WordPress could do that so we can use some of the templates etc. on WordPress or tell us how to do it, Then just do it!!!! Hopefully if they can they will ASAP.



    Over the past few days I’ve been doing some research on iLife 06 and the products at Mac World Expo. The initial reports of iWeb pretty much confirm what I’ve suspected.

    iWeb doesn’t use a lot of features that I think would be used by wordpress. (unless all of it can be done via RSS) I also don’t picture Apple opening up their code to allow wordpress access to wordpress. Basically it looks like the only iWeb solution available now is .Mac.

    Putting that aside I think iLife and iWeb are great products and I might end up buying them sometime.

    Edit: Nah never mind…I’ll probably won’t buy them.

    Update: Upon further research it looks like iWeb will be almost certainly .Mac only.



    iWeb is not .Mac only anymore.

    There are some simple ways to integrate on your own domain / website, accessible with WebDAV or FTP.

    See my little tutorial here: http://www.reinmund.net/journey/?p=50

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