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iwebmusic (embedded music) ok?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if I could use embedded music from iwebmusic, where they allow you to upload music, and then use an embedded tag to put it to your blog. If I can't use it, could it be allowed?

    At the same time, does that mean that only stuff from google videos, grouper, odeo are allowed?

    Also, I can put in a tagboard code from anywhere? I know it can't be in JS. so does anyone know of one?


  2. This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources. I'm not aware of a tagboard code I can share with you and using the forum search box convinces me no one else has come up with a non javascript version of one. This explains why javascript is stripped. :) All these threads below pertain to the music and video questions you asked. And "yes" they are the only ones you can use on a blog (videos: google, grouper and youtube - music: odeo and sonific.) So it's "no" iwebmusic but if you like you can request by feedback that staff consider adding it too.

  3. Just for reference, embed tags are stripped due to security concerns.

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