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JALBUM in a WordPress blog

  1. On this site:
    i found those installation instrutions:


    1. Download the WP_JAlbum plugin from the WordPress plugin database.
    2. Unzip the WP_JAlbum archive into your WordPress plugins folder (/wp-contents/plugins/).

    I don´t understand this item. Were is "My WordPress plugins folder"?

    3. ...
    4. ...


  2. If you have a blog hosted here, then you don't have one.

    We can't install plug-ins.

  3. thistimethisspace

    /nod to katm

    Your blog is not a blog. We provide support only for hosted blogs as we run on different software than does. Please go to this forum for support if you are self hosting

  4. Thanks, katm and thistimethisspace.

    But i really don´t understand.

    I administrate my blog here:

    So, why do you say my blog is not a " hosted blog"?


  5. I believe that the link you gave mislead the other poster. She thought it was to your blog. However, that does not matter. The point is the one katm made. hosted blogs all run on a multi-user blogging platform wp-MU and it is different software than what runs on. We cannot use plug-ins on hosted blogs.

    At the head of this forum is a sticky post titled "Please read me first before posting". That post describes the differences between and

    If you want to be able to use plug-ins and edit your underlying blog template then a hosted blog on this multi-user blogging platform is not for you. And if these are deal breakers for you then you need to hire a web host and download the free standing software from

  6. Thank you.

    Now i see the difference.
    Good luck.


  7. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)
    Will you please mark this thread as "resolved"?

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