Japanese Interface Language Is Already Done!

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    I dont know who this message is to go to, but whoever is in control of the translate project for wordpress should read it. Someone has already made a whole translation for wordpress (which you can install if you own your own server) so I dont know why wordpress.com doesnt know about it. If you do a simple search for “wordpress” and “japan” you get hits to a site called….go figure…Wordpress Japan with a full translation.


    So just take that file and put it in the wordpress.com API already, i know tons of japanese that want to but cant use wordpress.com for a blog cause its not supported yet (even though its been done for awhile). yea so please tell the relevant parties. thank you

    (heres the link page of the zip files on sourceforge.com that update wordpress [for those who cant read japanese])




    Friendly reminder that we’re not running WordPress here but WordPress MultiUser. The software is quite different and those differences are covered in the FAQ. What works in regular WordPress may or may not work within WordPress MultiUser. And, from experience, many things do not work in WordPress MultiUser “out of the box.”

    You may want to assist with the Tranlation project if you want.


    that project is pretty hefty with the translation. they’ve also translated the entire codex. (saw it in the referral logs for my blog).

    but yeah, wordpress.com still has a bunch of specialized messages that would still need translating.

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