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japanese shows up as ????? on trackbacks and comments

  1. So I have a blog (duh), on wordpess (double duh). It's nothing big, just starting out. it's also in english, but recieves a number of japanese visitors. i've got about...3 comments by them and also a trackback from a site in japanese.

    ok, so wheres the problem?

    comments, titles, names show up as question marks.
    the first time it happened, i thought it was spam and marked it as such. deleted, moved on.
    2nd time it happened, same person seemed to have posted, as it linked to the same homepage. delete.
    4th person....ok, what now? different person, can't be spam cause they're talking about my youtube video and the topic in my post. i clicked it as not spam and went to the post, but it still shows up as question marks.
    (look here: )

    a possible answer, not in unicode? yeah...but the persons website is in japanese and i can see it properly.

    i have japanese text on my page and its showing up perfectly. (besides from always changing font colour to black from the blue i set it..-_-).

    anyone know whats up? i've deleted so many posts like this...and trackbacks. :(

  2. Yeah I've seen entire blogs in ??? Had no clue what it was about but learned the other week it is a language. Kind of like shorthand when I was in school in my typing class.

  3. oh...>_>...but for every japanese comment to my posts?
    bah -_-;

    anything that can be done? anything i COULD do?
    jus want to know if theres a possibility of fixing it, plausible within wordpress or not. its driving me nuts not knowing whats going on....

    btw, i typed wordpess in my inital post. lol, whoops

  4. I don't understand some comments on my site either. But you're getting traffic from them. I wouldn't worry about it.

  5. Are you sure you have the Japanese language type loaded into your OS? If you're getting question marks, you might not have it loaded.

    I'de go ahead and visit and try to get it translated to see what they're leaving you.

  6. =drmike=
    yeah its loaded. i can read other japanese stuff on my site and on other sites (including the commenter's japanese site). but jus the same, i copied the text and babbled it. but it came out as questions marks and the such. guess i'm stuck, eh?

    yeah its great getting visits, and i guess thatswhat counts...but you would be nice to know what he said. ;_;
    and then, theres whether or not i should bother deleting them or

  7. Strange. Feedback sent.

  8. If you visit a Japanese blog and you still see the "?" everywhere you are probably missing that character set in Windows. It is not installed by default.

    That isn't the problem in your comments however. I guess Trackback is prone to encoding issues but I haven't verified it.

  9. hey, do you live in Japan? I:m looking for someone to help me make a short corp. video...I don:t know where to look or who to you have any ideas??

  10. Best bet would be to live a comment on their blog in an attempt to get ahold of them. This is a 4 month old thread that I doubt the original poster is following any longer.

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