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Java Animations

  1. Is there any way I can embed a java animation in a specific post?

  2. does java mean javascript? if yes then no - javascript is not allowed in blogs for security reasons.

    (if no, then i don't know about that, maybe if you wait a little longer another volunteer has the answer for that.)

  3. By java animation I mean a java applet like one created with jugglinglab (

  4. is there a code to apply i can see?

  5. Nope. embed tags are stripped from all user input due to security concerns.

    Sulz, java is a programming language that gets compiled while javascript is a scripting language.

  6. jeez, are they all that different? they're both not allowed here... =)

  7. Is that restriction just on or is it in the Word Press software? In other words if I use wordpress on a paid host site such as Hostgator, could I add the java applets?

  8. It's a restriction here as this is a shared environment. If you use the regular wordpress software and a host, it's just your own blog there. Some content is stripped out of user input and with certain roles of access but it's just a simple matter of bringing up the database and putting it in that way if needbe.

    *chuckle* if you think WordPress/ TinyMCE hates Word docs, you should see what phpNuke does to one. :)

  9. what are the security concerns to the server regarding embeds?

  10. This is a question that must be put to staff in a feedback.

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