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    I have been trying to add something to our web site in a text widget that is in Java Script. After many trys, I found out that WordPress doesn’t like Java Script. In the process of trying to find out why I could not get the text widget to work right, I found a question someone had submitted that was trying to do the same thing I was. In the response to the question, after telling them that Java is not allowed, they said, and I cut and paste, “If using javascript, forms, iframe, embeds, flash, etc. is your thing then you’d best hire a web host and download a free copy of software for self hosting”. Am I correct in assuming that the “ software for self hosting” is software that is installed somewhere other than wordpress that allows you to edit your web site and not be loged into wordpress? And secondly, if I have uploaded my web site to a web hosting site, which is my intent regardless, that Java Script placed into a text widget WILL work?

    The blog I need help with is

    #871975 is free and there are restrictions about what you can and can’t do here. Javascript along with several other things, aren’t allowed. however produces the software that can be used on a self-hosted site and via that you can do pretty much what you want, including using Javascript.

    Please read this, in order to understand. And also click on the two links at the bottom of this page:

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