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java script in widget

  1. Hi all...
    Yesterday i try use digital clock written in java script. I paste the code into the widget (text). Why it can't work? Is it possible using java script in widget?
    I use free blog from wordpress. Not Host by my own.


  2. Hi there, is a multi-user blogging platform and we cannot use javascript here. The programming will strip the code to maintain security. We have not been able to locate a clock that works on blogs because clocks are dynamic and those that are available are in javascript. But, not to worry every reader because who reads your blog has a computer and every computer has a built-in clock.
    From the FAQs
    From the forum search box

  3. Blogspot will let you use javascript.

  4. True, but staff view un-restricted javascript as a potential security risk as Timethief has pointed out above.


  5. Thanks for your reply...

  6. You're welcome and happy blogging.

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