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  1. I read that only a few legit users have asked for it. [Javascript support] and I hereby want to tell that I am one of them.
    This in fact not for ads, but for the tracking service Extreme Tracking. At this point I don't have the possibility to set up my own server or pay for hosting, and I strictly want this tracking service.
    I'm afraid that this might make me stick with Blogger, even though there are things I don't like about it.

  2. I too would like javascripting because of a tracking service. Sitemeter has nifty javascript-powered features. Also, not allowing adsense definitely tips the balance towards Blogger.

  3. I also agree with you guys aswell. I also would like to alteast have us embed the video player or altleast have Music play on page load. Something that Blogger allows us to do.

  4. I used to have a blogger blog, one of the favourite feature was the embedded widget that allowed readers to see what events I was attending or recommending. Without javascript I don't think this is possible on WordPress and I'm seriously thinking of going back to blogger (after only two days). WordPress is just TOO restrictive.

  5. Please read before continuing this old thread:

  6. Yep. Read it.
    FYI I found out how to add to my blog myself (the answer is to use the RSS 'widget').
    Loads of other features I'd like (including - but I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the JavaScript restriction is lifted for those...

  7. I have a list of sites that I'm planning on adding to the FAQ. Just haven't had time to do so.

    Some people feel that they need instructions for each and every system and project on the net.

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