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Javascript Errors and Audio File Errors

  1. When I go my wordpress pages, I ALWAYS get a javascript error (shown in the bottom right of the browser window). WHY???

    Also, I've setup an audio file on the following page, and it won't open. I've tested the location of the file, and the file is ok, but it just won't open from the blog.

  2. What is the specific code that you're trying to put into that post please? It's getting eaten so much that i can't make it out. Please paste here the exact code including brackets that you're trying to put in there.

  3. The audio code is:


    But the javascript error is on ALL wordpress pages . . . not just mine. So the two errors are unrelated.

  4. BTW, I meant to say the js errors are in the bottom left of the browser, not the bottom right.

  5. You should be able to click on the error report and get a specific error. Please send that in via feedback from your dashboard as that's something staff is going to have to take a look at it for you. I've not gotten one today but I'm using Netscape. Since you say bottom left of your browser, I believe you're using IE. Make sure that you mention that as well.

    As to the audio, I'm on a locked down terminal which won't let me copy and paste. One thing to do though is make sure you're placing the code while using either the basic text editor or the code tab (not the visual tab) of the rich text editor if you use that one. if you look at the source code for that page, you may note that the URL is getting encoded. That's usually a sign that you're placing the code while on teh Visual tab.

    edit: That audio code is right by the way. (If anyone else gets an error when they click on it, the trailing square bracket is included when it shouldn't be.) We've had folks previously try to link to pages that the audio appears on and I wanted to make sure that you weren't doing that,.

  6. yes, I'm using IE 7.

    Ok, this is weird. I did as you suggested and place the audio code in the "code" tab instead of the visual tab (which is what I was doing). Now, the audio plays, but it plays REALLY fast (it sounds like a chipmunk).

  7. The chipmunk thing is because of the encoding. You need to change that on the file itself, otherwise it will always do that. Here's the relevant thread:

  8. Thanks . . . that changing the bit rate to 48 fixed the chipmunk problem.

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