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Javascript in Sidebar---Technorati Doo Daa

  1. Hello, I recently started playing with technorati, the "blog embed"
    Would anybody know how i can post the javascript in my sidebar. (I am using Regulus 2.0)
    <br /> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><br />

  2. It looks like that...

  3. Sorry you can't post any javascript to at this time.

  4. Just grab this Bookmarklet and then you can tag all your posts.

    Not quite the same as your script that ID's your blog but it still signals Technorati to come by and scrape your feeds.

  5. in fact i do have that bookmarklet and the user script^^ But it would still be really nice to have the picture + box^^

  6. i mean, at least maybe some html in the sidebox so that we can maybe add a picture in the description part?

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