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JavaScript in text winget

  1. Is it possible? JS like this:

    < script id="toodoo_widget_visitors" src="" > < / script >

  2. Afraid not. Javascript, embeds, flash, etc. are removed from our blogs because of security purposes for blogs. See if you can find an HTML solution to what you are trying to do would be the only way. Are you looking for something like mybloglog or a stat script?


  3. answer found. unfortunately, it is impossible.

  4. trent, thanks for efficiency

  5. We cannot use javascript does provide us with "Blog Stats"

    We can also have 3rd party counters provided they are html only

    whos amung us

    Here's another counter that we can use and that may interest you

  6. MyBlogLog is a community site that offers HTML to track visitors from the community if that is kind of what you were looking for. As well, there are many statistics services (up and above the internal one) for tracking visitors to your blog. If you can tell us some more of what you are trying to do, we might be able to point you in the right direction! :)


  7. I'm sorry about the overlap - simultaneous typing

    You can get html widgets for blogs by joining the fuel my blog social network

    And you can get a widget from mybloglog by joining that social network

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