Javascript in wordpress?

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    How can i get javascript code on my wordpress blog ? I’m freakin about it !!!!!!! PLZ, HELP!!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Javascript is not allowed at for security reasons. You would have to self-host a wordpress installation on a third party hosting service such as bluehost, dreamhost, etc.



    oh shit, is it any other opportunity to get javascript ? :)


    Not at there isn’t.



    how do you get the slideshow function to work, then?

    I inserted a slideshow, but get a message that says “this slideshow requires JavaScript”
    (weird thing is, that in my previous post, the slideshow I inserted there works just fine!)


    Make sure that javascript is enabled on your browser and that you don’t have any script blocking add-ons installed.


    And PLEASE!!!!!! Don’t go around posting the same thing in 11,000 threads here. That causes the volunteers to run in circles and get cranky and you really don’t want that.

    Besides, it creates tears in the fabric of space/time.



    so sorry about the multiple posting… I’m a first timer on the forums…

    Thanks for your suggestion, but I am a total analphabet when it comes to scripts (enabling/disabling, or finding out whether scripts block add-ons… and what are add-ons to begin with?)

    But – javascript must be installed and running as a slideshow in a previous post works just fine (post nr 3 ‘our very own dojo…’ publ 18.3), while the slideshow in post nr 2 (‘new-dojo-waza…’ publ 20.3) does not.

    Have a look:



    I don’t know what you WP-guys did (I sure didn’t touch anything…) but all of a sudden the slideshow started running again!
    I checked both on laptop, stationary PC, Firefox, Explorer and Chrome, it all works!

    Splendid! Thanks a lot!

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