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javascript or flash?

  1. i want to add this countdown clock to my blog
    i assumed it worked like the visit map and gets posted in a text widget. but i've tried pasting both texts (not togetther) and i just get some text but no counter.
    in one it says to post some code in the "head" and some in the "body"...not sure what they mean...
    anyone have any tips????

  2. defrostindoors

    See here:

    How do I use the object and embed tags with my posts?

    These are stripped out of your html due to security issues. You can add Grouper, Google and YouTube videos to your blogs though.

    That clock uses Javascript, which is a no-no.

  3. does that mean i can't use either?

  4. Yes, that's exactly what it means. We can't use javascript here because we share the backbone to all our blogs and if someone introduced unsafe javascript it would put all of our blogs at risk.

    I don't think there's a clock that works on, but you might do a forum search for "clock" and just double check.

  5. thanks....sorry i've been on vacaction forgot all about this

  6. Not a problem. Hope you enjoyed it. :)

    Just to chime in here, feel free to suggest this to staff via feedback from the upper right of your dashboard. Staff has stated many times over that they keep track of requests made via that method and weigh what to work on next via those totals.

  7. so there isn't any future plans on applying these codes to the sider bar in the wordpress blogs ?

    anything to solve this problem ?

    there is so much things that these few HTML codes can do .

  8. Not sure if a counter is in the works (only staff would know), but javascript and flash are not going to be allowed.


  9. Else you let in stuff like this:

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