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    It just makes me frustrated when i cant put any javascript code into my blog…

    I can totally understand why wordpress dont want us to simply insert any javascripts…

    well, i guess i have an idea to sort this out and have a win-win situation…

    wordpress can allow javascript but with procedures like this:

    1. get your final code ready and submit to wordpress’ dedicated script verification team (SV Team).
    2. the SV Team will do all necessary checking and testing to verify that the code you submitted is safe for publish.
    3. after verifying it, SV Team will approve the code and you can proceed to publish it.

    its that simple!

    but of cause, if you ever want to edit the code, you’ll have to go through the process again.

    and i also believe the cost will go up for wordpress, so i suggest if wordpress cant provide this service/feature as free, i’m willing to pay around $3-5 monthly for just this feature!

    I hope wordpress will take this idea into consideration. I really need to put some javascript into it… =.=
    Thank you for your time and considerations!

    The blog I need help with is



    Checking Javascript is not that trivial. They have to make sure that it does not have any security implications on any browser. I expect that the cost of providing this would be at least ten times what you suggest – and for that money you can have a hosted site and customise whatever you want.


    /nod to chrisqq

    And what if they approve it and you change it before you insert it? Also, with 2.5 million blogs, how many people with high-level javascript would it require to sit day in and day out and plunder through code looking for security or compatibility issues? This would be a logistics nightmare.



    I am absolutely sure that could be talked into offering this as a PAID service, by the hour. I’m perfectly prepared to get a team of underemployed techies together and charge $75 an hour to do this. To the user, who suggests the javascript. I’m relatively sure that Matt would say yes.

    So, what’s it worth to you? Cheaper to go self-hosted.



    i can understand its not an easy job to do the checking… but there are still ways to overcome some of the issues…

    from the problem you address, we can just don’t check ALL of them, we can limit the code that the member can submit for checking, so only simple code with few lines are accepted and this will ease a lot of the checking…

    and btw, there will not be changing code when its submitted for checking, the code will be locked and no editing is allowed… if any member wants to change the code, they won’t be editing in real-time, they have to re-submit for checking after they make some changes, and the changes will not be published until the checking if completed…

    and about the cost… there are ways to overcome that too, i believe… for example, we can outsource it to other companies or freelancers and when more and more people wants to earn a part of this, the price will go down… there will be someone or some company willing to be paid lesser to get the job~… a contract-base with great offers… or something… of coz its not as easy as i write with few sentences…

    i believe there’s ways to overcome all the problems… we can do it bit by bit… but is it only me not seeing any news that wp is working on solving this problem or are they actually working on it?

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