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javascript war

  1. Below is the text of an email engagement with James of the Blogging Alliance of Non Partisan Canadians. Note that all I want to do is join and I do meet the requirements stated on their website But suddenly javascript is an unrevealed requirement. Check this out.
    (1) If WordPress won't allow you to place javascript on their in-house blogs, then I'm afraid you're out of luck. Your only option is to get a webhost and set up the site yourself. The important thing about the BANPC is that members share links, as that increases traffic all-round.
    All the best,
    (2) James,
    Please check my site again I do have an active i.e. fully operational link in my sidebar - what I lack is the cutesy little logo box. If you really choose to reject me on this basis then please confirm that by emailing me again and I will remove the link but I find your attitude and the position you have taken to be very strange indeed. You must be aware that java script is a primary source of security invasion and we both know it is possible for you to provide me with a snippet that does not contain java script. So James what can I say other than get back to me and perhaps thank you, in advance, for providing me a with potential "hot" subject to blog about. :)
    P.S. I have blogs with Blogger and Bloglines as well so this is most amusing.

  2. Sounds like they don't want your membership to me.

    And those bloggers who are sight restricted as well since they are unable to see and use JavaScripts in their browsers.

    The most important thing for this person should be to get his point across to as many people as interested. I think he is missing that. I bet his Bible is leather bound with gold trim and chapter tabs if you catch my meaning. :)

    Sorry, this guy just bothers me. (Not you, TT. The person you are talking about.) We've had other organizations provide wordaround for their services. Doesn't seem like this person is interested in such a method. Easiest thing to do would be a weekly output of the links. It's a simple output of the databse that he is using. Take about 2 minutes to write and stick up on a website.

  3. Gosh darn golly gee whiz he bothers me too [she said reaching for her fly swatter] and that's why I posted this:) Actually he has just sent me another very lenghty email offering me the dubious concession of membership, if and only if, I put the javascript into my blogger blog (which I'm currently gutting). IMO he is offering this concession because of what I put as a headliner on the static front page of my "stolen moments of island time" blog and what I thanked him in advance for in my email response. Well let me share this with you drmike and fellow bloggers this fella's going to require triage when I get done with him.
    [In the back room : Stop the presses! she shrieked. Only an utter fool pokes a grizzly like me with a stick. YES! I have my next editorial! Bring on those google-eyed spiders.]
    Then turning politely to the forum she said: My next editorial is already evolving and I assure you will be a humdinger that is going to rock his blue conservative socks (if you catch my meaning):D
    BTW if you think there's anything to be gained I could post his email here but then I guess I wouldn't get the same hit rate from wordpress bloggers that I will when I "break" the story and quote him without mercy. I'm learning fast, aren't I? [Said she while batting her long newbie eyelashes, sharpening her nails and humming that timeless oldie "She's a Man Eater." ]

  4. Blogger stinks! And tons of sites have said that when WordPress allows javascript ads, they're coming here.

  5. Hmmm well, don't take this personally but my postion is: no java script me!

    IMO we are all cyber buddha seed - some are monks, some are nuns and others are fully engaged warriors :D

    cyber buddha = security enlightened and advertising adverse.

  6. So, basically, everything in his mission statement before the words "and to increase the profile and traffic of member websites" (meaning himself) is just plain garbage. It's not even a particularly creative link exchange scheme. This guy has just set up garbage pages like that site (and probably some webrings as well) to get more perceived traffic to his own site(s).

    You get 'im, TT. ;>

  7. Well, I'll talk to the people behind the Blogging Tory website ( and Progressive Canadian Bloggers ( and see how they handle blogs that hail from The BANPC tries to model itself on these two sites (and Liblogs and the Blogging NDP -- for some reason, there are a lot of political blogging associations in the Canadian blogosphere; I guess we're really politick-happy), and from what I can see, their blogrolls are all managed by, and I know (now) that does not welcome the javascript code. I know I'm not the only blogging association that has denied membership on this basis in the past (although one site did talk about a workaround).

    Just so that you're clear, though: there is no organization behind the administration of the BANPC. It's just me, doing this primarily for my own entertainment. I know my way around HTML and can stumble through the Php required for the aggregator, but beyond that I'm not very technical. And this was the first instance I've encountered of a user trying to join up. I honestly didn't know that the javascript would be an issue.

    I admit that I was harried and short in my reply, and for that I apologize. But honestly, my own tech issues are the only agenda here. If we can get this resolved, Timethief is still more than welcome to join up with the BANPC.

    All the best,
    James Bow

  8. Holy guacamole James - it does appear that ye have joined us! Of course this was the correct and dignified thing to do and I ought to graciously thank you for your offer of membership but for tonight I will be laughing at myself and our situation and I hope you will be laughing too.
    You see James among many other things I do and roles I play I am an artist, and there are all kinds of artists from painters to clowns, aren't there? Some find me eccentric and others find me absurd. Most find me cheeky and all find me too chatty and frequently irreverent. That being said I believe that everyone we meet is our mirror. In other words I believe what we tend to see in others is what we expect to see in them as opposed to who they really are. So for tonight I'm laughing because at this point I'd rather "roast" you than join you, if you take my meaning. Cheers.
    P.S. Perhaps you might like to check out

  9. Wow, remind me not to get on your bad side, TT.

    James: Welcome to WordPress.

  10. Well, I tried importing the links into WordPress's bookmark system, and was VERY impressed at how easily that went. users now have a set of instructions on how to do this, and they should have no trouble adding the BANPC blogroll to their sites without using JavaScript. You can check out those instructions at; feel free to correct me if I've made any typos or other mistakes.

    I know what you mean about artists, Timethief. I myself am a writer, and I'm married to a poet. There is a performer inside all of us.

  11. You're a stand up guy James and I offer you my hand in friendship. Please accept my thanks on behalf of future WP bloggers who want to become members of BANPC for the "javascript free" work around you have created.I'll do the "chicket" thing that you have composed WP instructions for this afternoon. As you are a writer I'm sure you will understand that I do intend to put "our" story into type and share it. It's a good one commencing with a rant and ending in a rave so I'm hoping it will get lots of attention. Also note that I have abandoned my blog with the unfortunate name and claimed another domain name for "irreverent feedback" which I am currently moving the content into. Although it's a work in progress I hope you'll become a subscriber and that everyone else who reads this dialogue will also be inclined to do the same :D

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