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jeg kan ikke printe koder ud og mine venner kan ikke læse min blog via facebook.

  1. Jeg kan ikke printe de koder, som I ønsker i forbindelse med mit mobil nummer og min blog kan ikke længere læses af mine venner på facebook. Hvad skal jeg gøre?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - If you're unable to print, you can save the backup codes onto your desktop. You'd just use the Save as PDF option in your print menu, rather than the print.

    For the Facebook issue, can you please describe a bit more what you mean? Do you mean your posts no longer appear on Facebook when you publish?

  3. Ja, det er sådan, at mine indlæg ikke automatisk kommer på facebook og når de kommer på, kan folk ikke trykke sig ind på dem.

  4. You might find more help in the Swedish forums:

  5. Hi there - For the failure to post to Facebook, please try reconnecting Facebook as described here:

    When you say that people can't tap into your posts when they do appear on Facebook, what exactly do you mean by that? Is your Facebook page public, such that I could look at it and see more what you mean?

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