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Jessics Alba vs. Jessica Biel ?

  1. I'm going to start my own game here...Enough of this Coke vs. Pepsi thing (I prefer Coke)...let's get more serious....Which Jessica makes you want to get up in the morning and say thanks god for Jessica __________? You answer this question and post another two hotties and the next poster will answer your question and add their next two hotties....Tag...Your it?

  2. Jessica Biel...for sure.

    Tyrese Gibson or Tyson Beckford

  3. Since I am confident in my manhood. I will say Tyson Beckford.

    Hilary Duff or Jessica Simpson?

  4. Hilary Duff (Jessica Simpson is a bit too vacant looking)

    Keanu Reeves or Stephen Dorff?

  5. Honestly...neither, but since you asked I guess Keanu Reeves mainly because he's flexible, at least he was in the Matrix.

    adam levine or adam brody

  6. adam levine - I like broody, tortured looking men...

    daniel craig or dan futterman

  7. dan futterman.....ahahha

    how about miss piggy or marge simpson

  8. Miss Piggy. Put a paper bag over her head and she's acceptable after 27 Old Milwuakees.

    "Vince" from ShamWow or the dweeb on the Finallyfastdotcom commercial at the end in the blue and green sweater with the spiked hair?

  9. I have no idea who either of those people are but I'll go for the dweeb with the spiky hair!

    Tom Selleck or Mel Gibson?

  10. Tom Selleck on 'stache merit, alone. And the ShamWow guy, for the record. Vince is successful in making me feel god-damn-ridiculous for not owning a ShamWow. What the hell am I EVEN THINKING?

    Balki Bartokomous or Kuato.

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