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jesus christ is coming

  1. jesus christ is coming. are you ready for this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, I haven't vacuumed!!!

  3. I think we should put this thread in the possibly pointless section.

  4. italics are not my strong point, either

  5. JC was grounded by his Dad so the visit is cancelled.

  6. Does this mean I don't have to pay my credit card bill?

  7. You know, JC is gonna be PISSED OFF when he sees you haven't capitalized his name properly, eldeborgy.

  8. Oh, bad form! That takes points off your Starbucks Coffee Club card for sure.

  9. @raincoaster - no, but feel free to pay mine.

  10. Moved so the thread can continue ...

    My contribution to the debate:

  11. Even if you dont believe, maybe have the respect not to make fun of it.

    You wouldnt want people making fun of yall, because I'm sure there is plenty of things to poke fun at in your lives.

  12. Deffo but we don't make pointless topics regarding them.

  13. Ah, I recently posted about street preachers:

    There is absolutely no point in trying to ram your beliefs down people's throats. You're asking for ridicule.

    Even if it was true, no-one would know when the big man was due to land, so the post is pointless.

    Bring back Apostle Jack! He spoke the truth. Of sorts.

  14. evillatenighttv

    My contribution is a song that pretty much states my sentiments.

  15. He's coming? Fine, I'll put on the kettle. We'll have a nice cup of tea.

  16. May I recommend Mark's contribution. Very good! :)

    @Mickey - yes, that usually works! *wink*

  17. I don't get why people are so scathing about other's beliefs when it comes to Christianity.
    Yes street preachers can be annoying and slightly alarming but the reason they do it is because they have faith, and believe 100% that people need to be saved before Jesus returns. Charles Spurgeon once said when talking about Hell 'let not one go unwarned and unsprayed for'. It's because people care for you that they tell you about Jesus so why so scathing? End of the day it is your choice, but the power of choice has screwed mankind over for centuries.

  18. I don't get why people are so scathing about other's beliefs when it comes to Christianity.

    Of course you don't but we all do. Your book says we ought to know followers of Jesus by their love. Well, over two millenniums of historical records depict his followers as a hypocritical, murderous and vengeful lot of Mammon worshipers ie. power and control freaks. Your book tells you what to expect from non-believers and what's listed in it is scorn, mockery and rejection. Given that followers believe there is no error in "the word" why would you expect anything different?

  19. Why don't you understand Joe? If I went on a sports forum and said 'Manchester United will win the Premier League' I would expect similar scorn. You can't impose your opinions on others without expecting dissenting views.

    As someone who grew up in a christian house, I feel obliged to supply this link, like I have before. It is without doubt the most thorough and enlightening documentary ever on this topic.

    I challenge christians to watch it, but I bet most won't. Good luck to you, whatever you believe.

  20. Everyone is entitled into their own opinion, me and you included :) I just felt sorry for the person who set us this forum and have people mock something they believe strongly in.
    Thank you, best of luck to you too.

  21. It's interesting that you felt sorry for someone who has an empty blog linked to his/her username but who rushed right over to this forum to post a one liner.

  22. mmm I woud like to see him come ;)

  23. jesusishot just won the internets today.

    And, for the record, when do I NOT invite people to make fun of me? Take your best shot, but please have the courtesy to do it in the comments section of my blog, so I get the hits.

    I subscribe to the Boris Johnson School of Diplomacy, which means I aim to insult everyone, everywhere, equally, eventually.

  24. Damn - I forgot my daily "make fun of Raincoaster" visit. Let me fix that! :)

  25. "and have people mock something they believe strongly in."

    If you (speaking generally here) know your topic can produce strong reactions and you post then you should be prepared for the agreements as well as the dissenters.

    Getting back to the OP .... My current favourite t-shirt (relevant)

  26. Mark, you are bad. So bad I like it.

  27. If you (speaking generally here) know your topic can produce strong reactions and you post then you should be prepared for the agreements as well as the dissenters.

    Yes, but there comes a point of when someone can disagree, and leave it at that. But when people start being disrespectful and making fun of what the other person believes, thats when it makes you look immature.

  28. Yeah, stop enjoying yourselves!

  29. jmcartee - I am not being disrepectful (I assume you mean me). Using quotes from Christopher Hitchens and Aldous Huxley is using words that they wrote, they believed in just as those who follow any religious texts will be using the quotes and words from whoever their god is.

    Words are countering words.

    I am not belittling the person, just countering the view.

    But anyone anywhere posting on any internet forum really should know that once they have submitted that post that it's open for all to respond to. On a blog you have control and in all likelihood a group of similarly minded readers who can take the matter forward if they wish. But a forum is a totally different entity.

    Had this thread been deleted there could have been calls as to why.
    Had this thread been moved and opposing views removed that would be a Bad Thing.
    So it was moved and the situation stayed normal.

    The post is a question and answers will come from all directions.

  30. For me as a Muslim I pay respect to Jesus Christ as a Prophet not as God or son of God. Also Jesus has died his natural death. The person whose arrival was prophesied in Holy Quran or other Books was not Jesus but a person like him, much similar to him in his qualities and traits. And that person has arrived 100 years ago.

    Disclaimer: If any person don't agree with me has no right to insult or make fun of him. So keep the ball rolling with productive debate "Only".

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