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jesus christ is coming

  1. Family Guy wins.

  2. And I was wondering why the WordPress has been banned in China and other countries. Sorry to say that but it mainly because it has no strategy for you guys.

  3. Oh well, Chinas loss. They ban everything over there along with human rights.

  4. @iphonist1

    And I was wondering why the WordPress has been banned in China and other countries.

    Google is your friend >
    More search results here >

  5. @ardpwtw
    what did Jesus Christ look like? clip #2

  6. lol :D I meant to type @ardpete

  7. Haha pronounced "ArdPewTew" I like it :D

    Jesus had a big nose.

  8. Everyone is wrong, no one is right. No one can possibly know anything beyond their own experiences. It's just not possible. We're simple hominids with a limited spectrum of sensory channels, none of which are particularly high bandwidth. Even if let's say the disciples or prophets or whatever were somehow given a direct link, there is no way that knowledge of a power beyond the scope of space and time could be translated to the primitive computational platform of the human brain. Sorry. There is no way we can say there is or is not a god because the only way to encounter god is to lose your ego and self entirely. At that point, you cease to be you and your are integrated into the higher consciousness. Just read Kierkegaard's The Sickness Unto Death. It makes sense. Any time you define your god and says he or she has values and traits, you limit god which, if we are going to adhere to god as infinite, is contradictory. And being creatures who seem to automatically create concepts, circumscribed concepts for everything, if we approached with our current consciousness we couldn't truly see god.

    Let's all accept that god is unknowable. No one can apprehend god. We can barely comprehend the deeper workings of this universe. How could we comprehend the workings of something that expands beyond the universe and time? Thus, this entire debate between faiths (or as I'd like to call them ideologies) is a waste of time and I include atheism in this bracket of ideologies as well. We are limited in scope. We cannot know with absolute certainty if there is a god or, if we could prove there is a god, what this god is like. You're better off debating whether chocolate of vanilla is a better flavor.

    But, hey, I could be wrong. ;)

  9. @TT
    I've already read the whole article about it on Wikipedia.

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