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Jesus picture with beer glass and cigarette in hand

  1. Dear WordPress editor,
    The picture of Jesus with a beer glass and cigarette posted on the website also appears in the Google images. This picture has been used (at times inadvertently) in the text books, posters, newspaper dailies and magazines in many states across India. The reaction for the same was violence and riots leading to destruction. Recently in the state of Punjab it led even to loss of lives. Hence, respecting your freedom to power and support such websites, and of the websites to publish and the artistic freedom of its originator, I beg you not put the picture in the public domain anymore. Some time ago I found the same picture on another website powered by WordPress <>. I urge you to remove it from your website immediately. Hope you will appreciate and respect the religious sentiments of the people of all religions all over the world as we are in the World Wide Web (WWW). Thank you very much in anticipation. By the way, do you have provision to report abuse?
    With best wishes, Anthoniraj Thumma.

  2. Please read this:

    Also, the picture you describe does not appear on either of the URLs you cited.

  3. do you have provision to report abuse?

    Are you Jesus?

  4. Personally I believe in freedom of expression, JC is fair game in my opinion. The belief in such fanciful things is what causes the trouble, not this. 'Science flies people to the moon, Religion flies people into buildings'.

  5. I applaud WP's statement too. Good on them.

  6. lettershometoyou

    I have a pic of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on my blog photoshopped wearing a beard. It pops up number one if you do a google image search simply of: the queen.

    No riots reported so far, though.

  7. I feared that this would bring out the nutters!

  8. YAWN ...

  9. shesboxingclever

    I can think of a great number of people who'd probably be drawn to JC if he was depicted more often holding a bottle of beer and a smoke.

  10. Why would you want to have him hold substances which are injurious to the health?

  11. shesboxingclever

    For the same reason you'd want to be able to recognize irony when you see it.

  12. lol :D

  13. Hi all, I'm the owner of of The reason that that picture no longer appears on the site is that a few days ago the site was hacked, destroying the last four years of work, leaving only the main page intact. This is a Irish music podcasting site, containing mostly interviews with unsigned Irish bangs, reviews and other similar content. It has no commercial value what-so-ever and was only created as a free resource for music lovers to discover new music. It's taken hundreds and hundreds of unpaid hours over the last four years to create and now it seem that arthumma or someone influenced by arthumma's comments has destroyed it. To me, that doesn't sound like a very Christian thing to do. I was raised a Roman Catholic and have a respect for all religions. The picture of Jesus with the beer was used as part of an article about new radiostations, including a religious one, which were being launched in Ireland at the time (more than 18 months ago). One or two people submitted comments complaining about pictures at the time and I asked each to explain why the picture was offensive, and gave an honest commitment to remove it if any of them could make a decent argument. No one even tried. I work as a journalist and this work brings me into contact with many different religious and cultural leaders - i'm confident that none of these would approve of the actions which have taken place over the last few days. I would be very interested to hear what Anthoniraj Thumma has to say about this.
    Yours, Andrew Hamilton

  14. "This picture has been used (at times inadvertently) in the text books, posters, newspaper dailies and magazines in many states across India."

    Ok I have just one question for arthumma then....

    Are pictures of drunk cows and cows smoking joints causing riots too?

    Here is one from GOA India where the sacred cows are drunk on the beach no less.

  15. No way those cows are old enough to be drinking.

  16. He, Jesus, preferred wine. In the Gospels is "drawn" with a prostitute, and lepers. But never with beer, nor snuff.
    But where is the abuse?

  17. A quick message for Andrew Hamilton. Really sorry to hear about what happened to your website. It's not cool. I hope you have been able to recover some of your work.

    Personally I'm of the opinion that if there is a diety up there, he had the presence of mind to lead his creations (us) to create an "off" button on our televisions and a "close" button on our browsers. If you don't like what you see, I don't understand why you don't take advantage of those wonderful creations. But then again, I may be completely ignorant on the matter.

  18. Wow. you guys have no respect for anybody or anything.

    I am not a Christian (I'm Muslim and we also love and admire Jesus Christ) but I agree with arthumma that it is irresponsible to post such images on any site, knowing how offensive it is to so many people. Even athiests believe in respect for their fellow man, right?

    With freedom of speech, comes responsibility. Don't kid yourself that you don't use censorship on a daily basis in your dealings with other people of different backgrounds and beliefs. Why is it not being used in this case?

    It's just a matter of decency.


  19. @ ilovevolcanoes

    The tale of the binoculars:

    Galiza (Spain), any summer in the early eighties.
    A woman called the Guardia Civil (Spain rural police) because there were people naked on the beach. The police came and told that those people were far away. Why the bother?
    The woman replied: "With the binoculars I see them perfectly!"

  20. Irresponsibility is not against the Terms of Service at Why would you assume it was?

  21. @kabdoo

    Like you, I believe both in freedom of speech and respect for religion. I was raised a Catholic but I can't ever remember a priest preaching against smoking or drinking. On the contrary, I can remember on countless occasions meeting the local priest in the local pub, smoking and drinking.

    As I said before, I asked everyone who complained about the picture to explain why they found it offensive, but I never ever heard a response. And then this Fr Anthoniraj Thumma makes one comment about it on this blog and the last four years of work are gone... This doesn't sound like actions worthy of any religion to me.

    Andrew Hamilton

  22. @Kabdoo, I love when people toss out that "responsiblity" argument, thanks.

    Seriously, I will agree that we are all responsible in some form but that being said it has nothing to do with the right or freedom to post a picture on a personal blog. One is a "moral" issue the other is a "legal" issue. Morally,if you are offended then click close and move on, but legally you have no right to dictate to the person posting or a right to destroy what you don't like simply because you or even thousands of others find it objectionable.

    I for one will defend Andrew's right to post what he chooses because I refuse to give up MY right to do the same.

  23. This forum is for members to make suggestions to Staff "Ideas and suggestions for". My suggestion is that this thread be closed as the policies regarding freedom of speech and for reporting alleged "abuse" are already in place. Alternatively I suggest that this thread be moved to the Off-Topic forum.

  24. Some threads are labelled as Resolved. Perhaps some should be labelled as Unresolvable...

  25. This issue may well be unresolvable, but I think it's only fair to keep this thread open until the person who started the thread, Anthoniraj Thumma, gives his opinion on the destruction of my blog as a result, it would seem, of his post. I think that is the least I deserve after four years of work being destroyed.

  26. I beg to differ with you. Why should Staff make special provisions for those who have left their sites vulnerable to hackers to have useless threads like this on go on and on.

    What exactly is the viable "Idea" being proposed to Staff in this thread by the OP? There already policies in place with regard to abuse, freedom of speech and complaints. It's time for this thread to disappear from the front page of the "Ideas" forum because it doesn't belong here (it belongs in the Off_topic forum), and because Staff have already replied to the OP. (See Tellyworths' comment above).

  27. Come on timethief, have a heart. The destruction of hundreds of hours of my work was prompted by the first post of this thread. While it's not exactly on-topic, surely this buys us a little time to get some sort of response from the person who started the discussion. But you're right, no new ideas for wordpress are likely to come out of this. But we might find out why someone decided to so ignore some of old ideas that we had - like freedom of speech for example.

  28. @clarepeople
    We all agreed to the terms in the TOS and to the related policies found in the support documentation in order to get a blog here. Freedom of speech does prevail and you don't need any reassurance in that regard that's not already found in the TOS and policies.

    IMO this is dead horse beating at it's worst and I don't give fig for what response the OP may post. It's my experience that the OP's of these type of threads rarely, if ever, post again to them.

    Moreover, if my site had been hacked I'd be too busy reconstructing it and setting up keepass to keep bumping this thread. Please see >

  29. Fine, tt!
    Looking for any version of KeePass for GNU-Linux I fund this:
    May be useful for members that use GNU-Linux. Against hackers with or without any religion.
    Thanks for reminding us these safety tips!

  30. @ludusnaturae
    In most cases when bloggers sites have been hacked the blogger his or herself who provided the hacker with everything that was needed. In the case of a blog a weak password that could easily be guessed by reading the blog. In the case of a blog failing to upgrade, using "admin" as a username log-in, and also using a weak password that could easily be guessed by reading the blog.

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