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Jesus picture with beer glass and cigarette in hand

  1. Support says it clearly:
    "And if you think no-one will hack you, that’s fine. Just don’t say anything when it happens.
    "Your data. Your responsibility."

    Thanks again and good night!

  2. April 6, 2010
    Mr Andrew Seamus Hamilton,
    After reading the two commends found on your website, I posted my own comments giving you the reasons that I felt are justified for removing the tarnished image of the Lord Jesus Christ posted on your website. I had mentioned about the communal riots, the destruction caused to the lives and properties by the clashes, and other consequences that occurred in many places in India as a result of some people using that image. (Please see below separately a news feature I had written about it). My comments posted to you included an appeal and request to you to remove the image so that such adverse incidents could be avoided in the future in the communally sensitive places like India. It looks you have not read my comments. May be your website was hacked even before that. I am really sorry about. That was not my purpose of writing to you or to the WordPress.
    The reason for my writing to the WordPress was that I found some sites hosted by the WordPress carrying this image when I looked for it in the Google image search. I cited only as an example when they replied to my letter to substantiate what I had written.
    In your case as well as mine, some consequences have occurred which we originally did not intend at all nor even imagined would happen. We may have some lessons to learn from such events. I do appreciate the voluntary service you were doing through your website and feel sad that many hours of your hard labour was lost.
    With best wishes for a better future,

    Trouble over the tarnished image of Lord Jesus

    Last month, the printing of the morphed image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on hoarding in Jalandhar unleashed violent protests in Punjab. The same image published in a text book by a Delhi based publisher led to the accusation of blasphemy in the North Eastern state of Meghalaya. The defacement of the image led to communal riots in Punjab and unrest in other places whose unpleasant consequences are still being faced.

    Earlier this morphed picture was published by a Catholic Magazine Vachana Jyothi owned by the Diocese of Neyyattinkara in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on the cover page of its June 5, 2008 issue forcing Bishop Vincent Samuel to take action on the editorial staff.

    In Andhra Pradesh the printing of the tarnished image resulted in a violent reaction from the Christian groups. On Sunday July 13, 2008, the Telugu daily Sakshi owned by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of late Dr Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, published the morphed image of Sacred Heart of Jesus in an article on the teahing of Lord Jesus. The morphed image of Lord Jesus led to wide spread protests by the readers and others particularly Christians cutting across the Denominations.

    Various Christian groups led by their pastors and leaders of Christian organisations conducted rallies and staged protest demonstrations in front of the Sakshi offices in many towns and at its administrative office head quarters at Hyderabad. In few places they ransacked its office, destroyed the computers and furniture, and burnt the copies of the Sakshi daily. Some went to the extent of filing a case against the management of the news paper under section 153 (A) and 295 (A) of Indian Penal Code for hurting the sentiments of religious communities.

    The response of the management of Sakshi to the unforeseen turn of events was an unconditional apology. Its chairman Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy expressed his apology through the electronic media on Sunday itself. On the next day he published a box item on the front page of Sakshi with the title “Prabhuva Shaminchu” (“Lord, Forgive”) sorrowfully admitting the mistake, expressing his regrets unconditionally and requesting forgiveness from the Lord Jesus, all the readers and from the Christian community.

    The morphed image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in question used to appear on the very first row of the first page of the Google Images when searched under Images of “Jesus”. It was gathered from the web blog of a person named Joe Nassif, who seems to be a student of Parramatta Marist High School in Australia run by the Marist Brothers. His web blog is <>. Fr Dr Anthoniraj Thumma, the Executive Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Federation of Churches, wrote to him requesting him to remove this image as it amounts to desecrating and it could be published again inadvertently by others causing offence and leading to disturbances. The abuse was reported to the webmasters and the tarnished picture of Lord Jesus was finally removed from the internet.

    Some who had downloaded the morphed image earlier may be using it inadvertently at times. Their malicious intention, if exists, needs to be verified before the Christian groups react on such matters. A really effective and truly Christian response is called for on such occasions.

    Fr Anthoniraj Thumma,
    Secunderabad – 11-03-2010

    Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthoniraj Thumma, M.A. (Soc.), M.Th., Ph. D.
    (Professor in Contextual Theology)
    Executive Secretary, A.P. Federation of Churches – APFC (Ecumenical)
    Deputy Secretary, A.P. Bishops’ Council – APBC (Catholic)
    Regional Director, APBC Commission for Ecumenism and Dialogue


    Moderation Notice Personal information removed please re-frame from posting personal info in the public forums thanks - t3ck,

  3. shesboxingclever

    Am I the only one seeing the irony here? CHRISTIAN groups are conducting rallies and protests, ransacking offices, destroying computers and burning copies of Sakshi Daily, and you're blaming it all on some random guy for posting a picture on his blog? Wouldn't you do better to beg peace from the offending Christian groups who are causing the destruction as opposed to some fellow who's main cause is Irish music?

    There's thousands of electronic copies of this picture on the net. There's thousands of copies of OTHER pictures depicting the same sort of "blashphemy" on the net. Are you going after them all? Wouldn't the time be better spent educating the Christian groups, and spreading the word of your Christ through peaceful means?

  4. @ Sheboxing! you hit the nail right on the head. Thanks!

    @timethief...did I miss something, hasn't this post now been moved to Off Topic? As for it being a blog owner responsibility to protect his or her own work, I do agree, but there is also a certain amount of responsibility to the web sites as well to help protect the blogger that keeps them viable. I have to tell you that in reading arthumma's reply, I found myself questioning if it was just a "clever statement" when he replied and I quote...

    "I posted my own comments giving you the reasons that I felt are justified for removing the tarnished image of the Lord Jesus Christ posted on your website."

    Or is it more like a "clever admission" that he/she hacked another's account, yet insures that he/she will face no consequences for having done such?

    Having moderated and administered many blogs in my time, I can tell you that statement alone would give me cause to at least wonder especially since he/she goes on to later comment on the account being hacked.

    Religion is a touchy subject for most people, but I never saw this as a "religious" discussion, it was an issue of someones personal opinion being the foundation for retaliation and that should never be allowed anywhere.

    Just my two cents...

  5. shesboxingclever

    (psst...@tfockler, this thread is IN the off topic forum, and the original blog in question is NOT a wordpress blog, therefore, doesn't warrant any protection from wordpress. It uses wordpress coding etc, but is independent, not held on wordpress servers.)

  6. @tfockler60
    It's my position that when a thread is posted to the support forums and it is revealed that the blog referred to in it is NOT a blog being hosted by, and the blog owner has been directed to the correct forum at to post to, then Staff ought to exercise their discretion and either close the thread (my strongest preference), or move it to the Off-Topic Forum.

    In this case the blog that was hacked was running an outdated and insecure wordpress 2.6 version, because the blog owner ignored the dashboard notices to upgrade to secure versions. The current version is 2.9.2 > Updating wordpress versions amounts to deactivating all plugins, and upgrading with a single click, followed by reactivation of plugins.

    In a comment of mine on the first page of this "not a hosted blog and not a issue" thread, despite the fact that my strongest preference was for the thread to be closed, I requested that this thread be moved into the Off-Topic forum . This morning I see that it has been moved to the Off-Topic forum.
    See >

  7. It seems that some Christians are becoming very dangerous people. But that has nothing to do with WordPress policy, I think.

  8. ... with policy, more accurately.
    And also it has nothing to do with Christianity or any other religion, or any image; but only with fanaticism, bigotry, intolerance ...

  9. @ludusnaturae

    You're right. This is not a issue.

    Setting that aside, the New Testament contains absolutely no support for violence of any kind for any purpose. To be a Christian and to advocate and/or participate in violence of any kind is untenable as it is contrary to the New Testament teachings, attributed to Jesus who is alleged to have never justified hatred, murder or violence. Hence there is no base for claiming self defense or survival as a Christian virtue based on New Testament teachings. Life is not to be maintained by any means.

    For the first 200 years of Christianity, Christians ascribed to a living non-violent lifestyle just as Jesus is alleged to have done. They renounced the sword, rejected war and died refusing to resort to violence even in self defense. By the year 300 Constantine baptized his entire army adopted the Greek and Roman “just war” criteria. By the year 400 Augustine was approving “a just war”; by the year 1000 “Christians” were fighting “holy crusades”.

    By 1572 Pope Gregory XIII proclaimed the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of French Huguenots by Roman Catholics, with a final death toll of 30,000, which ranks in the annals of licensed bestiality with Kritallnacht and the slaughter of the Mamelukes ‘a hundred times more pleasing than fifty victories like Lepanto’. The pamphlets of the day proclaimed ‘Jesus Christ will rule. Jesus Christ will Reign’.

    Speeding ahead we find that Hitler was a Catholic who maintained that he was fighting a Christian cause. The Nazis entered a “concordat” with the Vatican. Here are some words from the man himself:

    “My feeling as a Christian beads me to be a fighter for my Lord and Saviour. It leads me to the man who, at one time lonely and with only a few followers, recognised the Jews for what they were, and called on men to fight against them… As a Christian, I owe something to my own people.” — Adolf Hitler

    “The (Nazi) party stands for positive Christianity” — Adolf Hitler

    A cursory review of history presents us with the reality that Christian scripture has used to rationalize and justify violence, paternalism, misogyny, slavery, the Crusades, witch burnings, anti-antisemitism, and another millennium of wars fought under the banner of "God/Jesus is on our side".

    You have said:

    It seems that some Christians are becoming very dangerous people.

    I say many Christians are among the most dangerous people on the planet and have been so for two millennium minus 200 years. They are standing shoulder to shoulder with all religious zealots the world over who adhere to fundamentalist religions and claim that "God is on their side". It's shameful that this despicable sloganeering continues even today.

  10. Great post, tt! I agree.
    It is assumed that humankind is moving and now, or sooner or later, we should be overcome all that.
    And I think that the communication in internet may help this evolution, even with controversial images.
    Good night! o{-<

  11. @timethief I understand your position very well and I don't disagree completely. However there are several issues at play in this situation. The first being an issue of where this post started out. This IS a wordpress. com issue and they are the only ones that can actually fix it by correcting a flaw that allows for all post to be sent to the "support" forum if posted via the "add new post" on the main page. Major flaw!

    The second issue is that a member who isn't a member but still attached via with an independent blog was attacked by a person who is a member who had a personal axe to grind over an image that was posted on anothers site and either hacked the site removing what they didn't like or facilitating the ability of someone else to do it for them. Granted may not have any responsibility in this issue other than to allow this as a "warning to others of possible consequences of Independent blogs".

    Third and finally, this person isn't a member, but isn't there a connection between wordpress. com and The content may not be held by wordpress, but I don't think it was as much that issue as it was the fact that they were trying to express frustration over a "member" of "wordpress" being this extreme because of a "personal issue" with content posted on someones site. To just dismiss this is counterproductive on all levels.

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