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Jet pack followers and stats missing

  1. After disconnecting and reconnecting Jet Pack, followers and stats are only visible on the dashboard. They have disappeared from the dashboard.

    Could someone please re-transfer them?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I tagged this thread with the correct tag for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. I don't see under your account. Which account did you connect it to?

  4. It's hard to see because it's missing a title. It's at the top of my blogs dashboard. It's connected to Saltandserenity

  5. Ah, that makes sense. It was connected to your saltandserenity account, not your hilittle account.

    I have transferred your subscribers as requested.

  6. Thanks, but are you sure it should be connected to hilittle? I'm the designer for, not the owner who started the initial account. Also, there are still hundreds of followers missing (there should be well over 1000).

  7. I'm pretty sure that the Jetpack issue has something to do with referencing the wrong (partial) data...
    The other issue is that emails aren't being sent out with new posts.

  8. No, it can be connected to saltandserenity, but since asked via hilittle, that's what I checked, which is why I couldn't find it.

    Your blog had a total of 164 subscribers, 0 direct email subscribers ( subscribers), and 2 comment subscribers.

    The total you're referring to included the Facebook and Twitter followers when Publicize was connected.

    As for emails not being sent out, I just moved your subscribers 42 minutes ago. Did you make a post since then?

  9. Thanks :-)
    After the first transfer from to self hosted, the right number of subscribers were showing up over 1000. Now, the only subscribers showing up are from the last 2 months. The blog has been active for 3 years - it's those earlier subscribers that are missing.

    Two things that I can think of might have caused this. One, I upgraded to the new version of Jetpack about a month ago. Two, I disconnected and reconnected Jetpack at one point. Any ideas?

    I'll arrange for a test post.

  10. Do you mean that we already transferred your subscribers at some point prior to today?

  11. Yes. And now they're not showing up. I thought it may be due to disconnecting and reconnecting Jetpack. (It was disconnected for a matter of seconds.)

  12. That is entirely possible.

    Was it connected to saltandserenity before, or hilittle?

  13. It was connected to saltandserenity before.

  14. Ok, after looking through your previous support cases, I was able to locate and transfer the missing stats and subscribers.

  15. That's fantastic! It still looks like we may be missing some, though. Is that possible?

  16. Also, the site stats say there are 2 email followers, but the list of them is fairly long. Is that Jetpack or is it just a matter of it taking some time for the information to filter through?

  17. Definitely not this time. The ones that I just found and transferred were 1,053 followers, 106 direct email subscribers, and 185 comment subscribers. Added to the total from earlier.

    Unless there is a third instance of your site connected to Jetpack which we did not interact with in your previous support cases, this is all we had.

  18. That's it! :-) Thank you SO much, I really appreciate your help!

  19. You're welcome!

  20. One last little glitch we've noticed. There have been some new follower email notifications, but the new followers are showing up on the dashboard instead of the new dashboard. Can you help us with this?

  21. Do you mean that you're still receiving new follower notifications for

  22. No, people are signing up on, the self-hosted site, but instead of it showing up on that dashboard, it's showing up on the dashboard.

  23. Ok, so you mean that they aren't be added to the totals at Jetpack -> Site Stats in your Dashboard, but are being added to the totals at!/my-stats/ ?

  24. Exactly :)

  25. Ok, those are actually following the old blog through the Reader. The only way to prevent that would be to make your blog private via Settings -> Reading in your blog's Dashboard.

  26. Aha. OK, so if they sign up for the old blog, would they get content updates from the new one? I ask because if that's the case, I'd rather find a way to do ongoing transfers of people signing up to the old blog.

  27. No, they would only receive updates from the old blog, and we do not have an automated transfer system. I recommend making the blog Private.

  28. OK, will do! Thanks again! :-)

  29. Could we get the 5 most recent followers transferred over?

  30. Done, please make sure that the blog is now Private.

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